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5 Reasons People Shop for Electric Fireplaces

The choice to “go electric” with a fireplace instead of buying the kind that runs on gas or wood is an easy one for some people.  No other type of home heating appliance offers the convenience, ease of operation and absolute zero maintenance of modern electric

Fireplaces are a Hot Home Feature for Homebuyers

Fireplaces are hotter than ever with homebuyers. Style trends for fireplaces differ some based on climates in various regions. Most realtors, however, report that there has been an increase in the demand for fireplaces in recent years. Open flames in a fireplace create warmth in more ways

7 Reasons Wood Stoves Are Coming Back in Fashion

When you hear the term “wood stove,” what do you think of?  If you’re not familiar with the stunning new designs of modern wood stoves, you probably think of the old pot-bellied stove our grandparents used to operate.  If so, you’ll be happy to know that “old-fashioned” is only