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Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces is Toronto’s Leader when it comes to Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts. We hope you enjoy our informative articles on proper use, care, purchase and service of fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts interesting and informative.

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Gas Fireplace Maintenance 101

One of the greatest perks of having a gas fireplace is that it is low maintenance—you don’t have to clean ashes out of the hearth or worry about the accumulation of creosote and soot in the chimney. Even though it require significantly less maintenance than a wood burning fireplace, it is still important to have […]

Top 5 Benefits of Wood Burning Inserts

The downside of a traditional fireplace is that only 5% to 10% of the heat it produces actually stays in the home, the rest goes up the chimney along with soot and other harmful combustion byproducts. If you have been looking for an environmentally friendly, alternative heating option, you may have already ruled out your […]

6 Reasons You’ll Want a Zero Clearance Fireplace

A fireplace is a welcoming feature any time of the year. On chilly days, there is no greater comfort than warming up beside a blazing hearth. Even when it is not in use, it makes an elegant statement in a room and adds to the value of your residence. If you have been thinking about […]

3 Ways a Fireplace Insert Can Cut Costs

Have you ever wondered why a roaring fire in a fireplace doesn’t seem to significantly increase the temperature in a room? The reason this happens is because traditional fireplaces lose 90% to 95% of the heat that they produce up the chimney. Even when a fire isn’t burning, a significant amount of hot/cool air can […]

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