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Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces is Toronto’s Leader when it comes to Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts. We hope you enjoy our informative articles on proper use, care, purchase and service of fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts interesting and informative.

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Warm Glow of a Fireplace Adds Ambiance and Value to Every Home

There’s some disagreement among real estate trend-watchers about exactly how much value the right fireplace can add to a home, but most agree that value definitely will be added come selling time. This is true even for warmer-area markets that purchase fireplaces more for ambiance than for heating the home. In Canada, fireplaces not only […]

How Fireplaces Impact Home Values

A fireplace is an investment that consistently pays off with increased home value. Numerous studies and surveys show that fireplaces are among the top amenities homebuyers look for in a residence. It is also proven that the value of a home is consistently and significantly higher when there is at least one fireplace in the […]

Combining Beauty & Function, Wood Stoves Shed Their Bulky Image

When you think of a “wood stove,” what picture comes to mind?  Most people imagine the traditional clunky pot-bellied stove, black and rotund, full of logs and smoke and fire.  You can buy those kinds of stoves, but you’ll probably have to look in the “retro” section.  Today’s models definitely aren’t your grandpa’s wood stove. […]

Hearth Products Throughout Your Home: A Sensible and Value-Added Plan

Fireplaces bring a home to life unlike any other appliance. What better place is there to gather than around a cozy fire? A masonry fireplace is often an architectural centerpiece of a home’s main living space. Although a traditional fireplace is a beautiful and sought-after amenity, many homeowners are equally interested in cutting both heating […]

Benefits of Bi-Fold Glass Fireplace Doors

As much appeal as fireplaces have in general, there are always ways to upgrade. A traditional masonry fireplace can be improved by adding a fireplace insert, which is an enclosed combustion system that heats efficiently and effectively. If you are simply looking to improve or upgrade the appearance of your dull, boring fireplace, try a […]

5 Questions to Consider when Buying a Fireplace

It’s no secret in real estate circles that fireplaces are very trendy in homes these days.  Buyers covet these lovely features, and homeowners get to enjoy them.  Everybody likes a fireplace. If you like fireplaces, too, and are thinking of adding one to your home, here are five questions to consider when buying a fireplace. […]

Enjoying Your Fireplace in The Summer – Illuminating Without Heat

The joy of a fireplace does not need to dim during warm months. By taking a few helpful steps and being creative, you can get a lot of pleasure out of your fireplace even when it’s too warm outside for a fire. The following are some ideas for illuminating without heat and enjoying your fireplace […]

How Wood Stoves Achieve a Clean Burn

The Environmental Protection Agency closely monitors how wood stoves burn fuel.  When purchasing a wood-burning stove, you always want to look for models that carry an EPA certification, which confirms that the stove meets efficiency standards that are good for our environment.  The EPA’s goal is to certify stoves that provide the most effective burn […]

A Contemporary Hearth and Fireplace for Your Home

Just as there are many different styles of home design, there are numerous appearances for a hearth and fireplace area within the homes.  Newer, more modern homes are sublimely accented with fireplace and hearth designs that have a contemporary flair.  Here are some ideas if you’re thinking of adding a fireplace to your home or […]

Entertaining With an Electric Fireplace Outdoors

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing like an outdoor party or barbecue to keep the good times rolling. A popular growing trend among folks who enjoy outdoor entertaining is having a beautiful outdoor electric fireplace for both ambience and to take the chill off cool evenings.   The right look for your outdoor area […]

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