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Is a Fireplace Really Energy Efficiency?

A fireplace is the most desirable amenity to about 80% of buyers who purchase a home valued over $200,000, and who doesn’t like warming next to a cozy fire on a cold day? A study shows that a fireplace can

Advantages of Installing a Wood Fireplace Insert

Traditional masonry fireplaces provide benefits that most people enjoy, but those advantages almost exclusively involve aesthetics. Watching dancing flames or warming to a roaring fire on a cold day is a genuine pleasure and hanging Christmas stockings or otherwise decorating

Four Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireplaces provide an ideal and picturesque setting for classic home living. There is the romantic ambiance that makes home the perfect setting for date night. There are festive celebrations with family and friends to be enjoyed. Favorite family photos and

Top 4 Reasons a Wood Stove is a Wise Choice

Wood stoves today are nothing like the wood stoves in your grandfather’s time. Modern wood stoves are technologically advanced heating systems perfect for any home. The marked improvements to these wood-burning appliances are partly due to a change in laws

Masonry Fireplace vs Factory-Built Fireplaces

Have you been weighing the heating options for a new home or remodel and decided on a fireplace? Two of your choices for enjoying cozy fires in your home are a masonry fireplace and a factory-built fireplace. Check out the