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Modern Wood Stoves Are a Trend Worth Keeping

Years pass, and trends come and go. But when it comes to anything related to homes and lifestyle, three areas seem to matter to virtually every homeowner: eye appeal, environmental-friendliness and economy of use. These trends – which have really

Troubleshooting Potential Issues with Gas Fireplaces Pt2

In part one of our “Troubleshooting Potential Issues with Gas Fireplaces” series, we looked at two areas that can keep your fireplace from operating properly: pilot light issues and problems with fireplace burners. Here we’ll cover several other problems that

Troubleshooting Potential Issues with Gas Fireplaces Pt1

The popularity of gas fireplaces continues to increase, and it’s not surprising why. Fireplaces that run on gas are highly efficient heating sources with temperatures that are easy to control. Gas is clean-burning, resulting in less soot production. Gas fireplaces