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Benefits of Choosing a Double-Sided Fireplace

You know all about traditional fireplaces. A roaring fire burns in the firebox and sends heat out into the room. That’s all good, but why not heat two rooms at the same time? You can, with the amazing selection of

Determining How Many BTUs Your Home Needs For Proper Heating

When ancient humans discovered fire and begin using it for warmth, they also discovered the principle behind BTUs, although they didn’t realize it. Today, we refer to heat production in terms of BTUs, or British Thermal Units. What does this

Fireplaces & Inserts by Heatilator

If you want to get the “inside buzz” on where to find the best fireplaces and stoves, just ask people who use these appliances. From homebuilders to home buyers, the first word off many of these tongues is Heatilator. And