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Add a Second Fireplace to Your Home

Most homes have one fireplace, even though they are among the most popular features in a house. There are two great reasons to install a second fireplace. First, a little indulgence is a good thing. Second, factory-built fireplaces are very

Benefits of Installing a Multi-Sided Fireplace in Your Home

Ever since Man figured out how to build shelters and construct stone enclosures for fire, humans have been enjoying a heat source that today we call a fireplace.  Back then, it was mainly about warmth, and fire was the only

Renaissance & RSF: Factory-Built Zero-Clearance Fireplaces to Beautify Your Home

If you’ve been laboring with an old-fashioned masonry fireplace and want to take a step up in both efficiency and fashionable good looks, think of stepping up to the models offered by Renaissance Fireplaces and RSF, two of the industry’s