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Benefits of Gas Log Sets for Your Fireplace

Some people wouldn’t think of running a fireplace on anything other than wood.  Any alternative would be almost sacrilegious.  If this doesn’t describe you, read on to find out about a convenient alternative that is also a beautiful option –

Spring & Summer is the PRIME TIME to install a new Linear Fireplace, Stove, Gas Fireplace or Insert

Want to know why spring or summer is the prime time to buy a new linear fireplace, gas fireplace, stove, gas logs, or fireplace insert? By adding your new efficient heating appliance in spring, you miss the late summer rush

Napoleon and Saber Grills: the Latest in a Long Tradition

Depending on who you listen to, humankind has been acquainted with fire for as many as 1.8 million years.  Surely not long after some ingenious caveman-type discovered how to make fire, somebody else discovered how to use it to make