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Outdoor Gas Fireplaces & Fire Features For Summer

The outdoor fireplaces being installed these days all across Canada aren’t just statements of taste and fashion.  They’re fully functional centers of a variety of outdoor living activities.  From cooking and entertaining to gathering around a lush source of warmth,

Great Looks are just the Start in Modern Electric Fireplaces

Today’s homes have fireplaces for many reasons beyond the reason homes in ages past did.  In the “old days,” a source of fire within a dwelling meant heat and a way to cook food.  Aesthetics weren’t a concern, and neither

Fireplace Ideas for Home Construction & Renovation

Add a New Unit or Update an Old One Canadian winters make fireplaces especially welcomed additions to homes. When it’s time for a home renovation, don’t overlook a spruce-up to your fireplace. And if you’re planning a new home, this