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How Fireplaces Impact Home Values

A fireplace is an investment that consistently pays off with increased home value. Numerous studies and surveys show that fireplaces are among the top amenities homebuyers look for in a residence. It is also proven that the value of a

Combining Beauty & Function, Wood Stoves Shed Their Bulky Image

When you think of a “wood stove,” what picture comes to mind?  Most people imagine the traditional clunky pot-bellied stove, black and rotund, full of logs and smoke and fire.  You can buy those kinds of stoves, but you’ll probably

Hearth Products Throughout Your Home: A Sensible and Value-Added Plan

Fireplaces bring a home to life unlike any other appliance. What better place is there to gather than around a cozy fire? A masonry fireplace is often an architectural centerpiece of a home’s main living space. Although a traditional fireplace