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Zero-Clearance Fireplace: Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient, Ready-to-Install Fireplaces

Picture yourself with lower utility bills and warm home fires burning throughout winter. A zero-clearance fireplace can be affordably installed in the smallest or largest space in your home. A model that will fit perfectly with your décor is ready

Cozy Up to Custom Fireplace Options

Everybody loves a fireplace, and the traditional big unit in the main room of a home is a perennial favorite with homeowners and homebuyers alike.  But today’s fireplaces go way beyond this standard type of appliance.  Let’s look at some

Warm Glow of a Fireplace Adds Ambiance and Value to Every Home

There’s some disagreement among real estate trend-watchers about exactly how much value the right fireplace can add to a home, but most agree that value definitely will be added come selling time. This is true even for warmer-area markets that