3 Reasons to Consider an Electric Fireplace

When people think of fireplaces, most often they picture the crackling fires from a wood-burning unit or a handsome gas fireplace that’s so popular today.  But there’s another kind of fireplace that many people believe is as good, or even better, than wood or gas.  Yes, we’re talking about fireplaces that run on electricity.  If you’re thinking of adding a new fireplace to your home, here are three reasons to consider an electric fireplace.

1. Amazing Convenience

Electric fireplaces are every bit as simple to operate as gas fireplaces, but they go one better: you won’t have to do any kind of maintenance to the unit or regularly inspect to the lines that bring the fuel to your fireplace.

A switch or a remote turns on instant heat and allows you to control the temperature at all times.  As far as any cleaning goes, about the most you’ll ever have to do is sweep out a little dust the same way you do with the floors throughout your house.

Adding to the convenience is the fact that you can place a free-standing electric fireplace anywhere in your home you want without dealing with venting issues or local fire and building codes.  And when you move, that fireplace will go with you.

2. Fantastic Looks

Fireplaces aren’t just used for heat: they’re purchased to lend an air of sophistication and good looks to a home.  Modern electric fireplaces don’t disappoint in this regard.  Many of them feature very realistic looking “flames” that actually seem to dance, and replica logs that appear amazingly like real wood.

The exterior designs of electric fireplaces are as stunning as the look inside the firebox.  From old-fashioned and rustic to sleek and contemporary, these appliances are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors, making it easy to find the perfect one to match your room’s décor and your preferences for design.

3. Ultimate Safety

fireplace specialists installed electric fireplaceAny time a flame is burning, there are potential hazards.  Of course the biggest of these hazards is a house fire.  Also, flames burn up oxygen, so proper ventilation is necessary when using a wood or gas fireplace.  Wood fireplaces create a substance called creosote, which sticks to chimney liners and is highly flammable.  A compromise to a gas line can poison everyone in a house.

We certainly aren’t knocking fireplaces that run on wood or gas, as long as they’re operated according to safety precautions, but some folks would rather bypass all the focus on precautions and just use and enjoy their fireplaces.  When that’s the case, you can’t get any safer than a nice, new electric fireplace.

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