3 Ways a Fireplace Insert Can Cut Costs

Top Quality Wood Fireplace InsertsHave you ever wondered why a roaring fire in a fireplace doesn’t seem to significantly increase the temperature in a room? The reason this happens is because traditional fireplaces lose 90% to 95% of the heat that they produce up the chimney. Even when a fire isn’t burning, a significant amount of hot/cool air can escape to the outside and drafts can come down the chimney into your home. If you want to cut down on your heating/cooling bills and enjoy the comfort of a glowing a fire, you would benefit from a fireplace insert.
Cutting costs is one of the top reasons that homeowners choose to install a fireplace insert. A fireplace insert is an environmentally friendly heating appliance that fits inside the mouth of an existing fireplace. It is designed to create a complete combustion system that generates more heat and produces significantly less byproducts (such as smoke, ashes and creosote) by burning fuel more efficiently. Its innovating design and venting system prevent most of the heat from escaping. Fans inside the insert also blow warm air from the fire into your home. This allows 75% to 80% of the heat that the fireplace insert produces to circulate throughout your home.
There are 3 ways that a fireplace insert can decrease your heating and cooling bills:
1. Reducing Your Reliance on Your Central Heating System
A fireplace insert can effectively heat large areas of your home from a spacious living room to a whole floor depending on the model that you choose. You can cut down on your heating bills by turning down your furnace and relying on your fireplace insert to zone heat your home.
Best Gas Fireplace Inserts2. Preventing Hot/Cool Air from Escaping
Fireplace inserts—with their glass doors and unique venting system—prevent air from leaking into and out of your house from the outside better than a masonry fireplace. With the simple addition of a fireplace insert, your home will be better sealed so that you will benefit from reduced heating and cooling bills all year round.
3. Increasing the Fuel Efficiency of Your Fireplace
The efficiency of fireplace inserts allows them to generate more heat with less fuel. Whether you choose a gas insert or wood insert, it will require less fuel than a traditional fireplace. This can save you the time and energy of cutting extra logs for your fire, or allow you to spend less on natural gas or propane.