5 Questions to Consider when Buying a Fireplace

It’s no secret in real estate circles that fireplaces are very trendy in homes these days.  Buyers covet these lovely features, and homeowners get to enjoy them.  Everybody likes a fireplace.
If you like fireplaces, too, and are thinking of adding one to your home, here are five questions to consider when buying a fireplace.

  1. How much construction are you prepared to undertake?

Wood fireplaces need a chimney and likely will involve very specific zoning codes in their construction.  Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, can be vented or non-vented, and even the vented models require much less construction work than a full-scale wood fireplace and chimney.  Where you install your fireplace will also dictate how much construction is necessary.

  1. Gas or wood?

This is an important consideration.  Wood fireplaces bring a natural and traditional feel to a home.  They do require more maintenance in terms of cleaning and inspection, and you’ll have to buy, transport and store firewood.  Gas fireplaces are easier to operate and keep clean.  When you add a gas fireplace to your home, you’ll either connect to your current natural gas supply, or you’ll need to purchase a liquid propane tank.  Gas is a clean-burning fuel, but wood creates an ambience that’s hard to beat.  Give some thought to this choice.

  1. How important is heat?

Some people are concerned with the “look” of a fireplace as much or more than heat output.  But if heat is a key factor for you, you’d probably enjoy a ventless gas fireplace.  These units create much more heat than the vented variety and, like all gas appliances, they’re very easy to maintain.  If you prefer to use wood as your fuel, a fireplace insert can increase the heat output of these models.

  1. What kind of “look” are you after?

Modern fireplaces come in an amazing variety of styles from sleek and contemporary to big and traditional.  Along with the standard models that are constructed in a wall at or near ground level, you can choose other styles that can be placed higher up on a wall and can be enjoyed in adjacent rooms.  Wood-burning fireplaces tend to be more restrictive in their placement, whereas gas fireplaces, depending on the model, can be installed virtually anywhere.
The fireplace surround has also come a long way in terms of design.  You can choose many compositions including stone, marble, wood and brick, and it’s easy to find design styles that will complement your home’s décor.  You can purchase surrounds pre-made or have yours custom-made by a builder.  Before deciding on a fireplace model, give some thought to the kind of surround you want to go with it.

  1. How much money do you want to spend?

Think this out before going shopping.  The price range for fireplaces is pretty broad, going from top dollar for premium brands and styles down to very economical models that don’t provide a lot of extras.  It’s best to have a general budget in mind before visiting a hearth store in order to save you time and ensure that you get the best deal for what you want to spend.
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