5 Reasons People Shop for Electric Fireplaces

The choice to “go electric” with a fireplace instead of buying the kind that runs on gas or wood is an easy one for some people.  No other type of home heating appliance offers the convenience, ease of operation and absolute zero maintenance of modern electric fireplaces.

As far as design goes, electric fireplaces on the market today offer many of the same styles, sizes and finishes you’ll find with more expensive wood and gas models.

If you’ve been thinking of adding a first – or an extra – fireplace to your home, let’s look at some of the advantages of shopping early before the cold season arrives.

1. Make a smart decision.  It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of all types of fireplaces before settling on one.  Take some time to get to know about various fireplace fuels, operational requirements of different models, heat efficiency, necessary remodeling or construction, local zoning laws and other particulars so you can make a smart, informed decision.

2. Placement of your new fireplace.  If an electric fireplace is going to be your choice, you’ll be happy to know that these appliances can be installed virtually anywhere in a home.  Give some thought to the best placement for the unit and consider how it will accent your current design scheme.  By shopping early, you’ll have plenty of time to make these decisions as well as time to evaluate the various sizes and heat outputs of different models so that you get the right level of heat for your home.

3. Construction considerations.  Some types of electric fireplaces and certain placement areas will require more installation work than others.  It’s always a good idea to talk to your local hearth store about the level of construction that likely will be necessary to have the unit you like installed.  By making these plans ahead of time, you’ll have your new fireplace installed and ready to go before you really need it.

4. Shop when inventories are high.  As with all “seasonal” products, buyers tend to get more active in buying fireplaces closer to the winter season.  By shopping in spring or summer, you’ll beat the crowds and have available a larger selection of models from which to choose.  You might also be able to find some good deals on closeout models.

5. Begin enjoying your new fireplace right now.  In the Toronto area, we use fireplaces quite a bit in the winter.  But there are many spring – and a few summer – evenings that tend to get chilly, and an easy-to-operate electric fireplace is the best way to knock off that chill.  Plus, by buying early, you’ll have more time to simply admire the beauty of your new appliance!

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