6 Reasons You’ll Want a Zero Clearance Fireplace

A fireplace is a welcoming feature any time of the year. On chilly days, there is no greater comfort than warming up beside a blazing hearth. Even when it is not in use, it makes an elegant statement in a room and adds to the value of your residence. If you have been thinking about adding a fireplace to your home, a zero clearance fireplace is a smart choice.
A zero-clearance fireplace is an expertly crafted, pre-fabricated fireplace that can be safely installed near combustible materials. With all of the benefits that zero-clearance fireplaces offer, it is not surprising that they are becoming increasingly more popular. These are the top 6 reasons that homeowners choose a zero-clearance fireplace:
1. Convenient, cost effective installation: Unlike a masonry fireplace, which would require a costly and inconvenient remodel to add on to your home, a zero-clearance fireplace can be installed easily at a significantly reduced cost by a factory trained or nationally certified technician. (To ensure that your fireplace is safely installed and operates properly, manufacturers recommend that you rely on a professional for the installation instead of taking it on as a DIY project.)
2. Fits in unconventional spaces: Since zero-clearance fireplaces are heavily insulated and do not require a cumbersome venting system or expensive foundation, they can be installed in tight spaces where a traditional fireplace would not be possible.
3. Easy to operate & low maintenance: These pre-fabricated appliances are designed to be easy to use and are often available with customizable features that add to their convenience. Gas zero-clearance fireplaces offer the greatest convenience with special features like remote control operation or thermostat control. The unique design of zero-clearance fireplaces eliminates the costly masonry chimney repairs in the future.
4. You choose the fuel: With a zero-clearance fireplace you can choose what fuel you prefer to use. Natural gas, propane and wood are the most popular choices. Today’s zero-clearance fireplaces are designed to burn efficiently and produce low emissions no matter what fuel you choose. Many wood burning zero-clearance fireplaces surpass clean air standards.
5. Energy efficient: The improved heat efficiency of a zero-clearance fireplace is one of the greatest benefits if you would like to use your fireplace as an alternate heating source. Unlike open-hearth masonry fireplaces which have efficiency ratings between 5% and 10%, zero-clearance fireplaces 70% efficiency. You can enjoy reduced heating bills by comfortably zone-heating your home with a zero-clearance fireplace.
6. Wide variety of styles: Today’s zero-clearance fireplaces range in style from sleekly modern to elegantly rustic. They are beautifully crafted to complement your home décor. Gas zero-clearance fireplaces come in the widest range of styles since you often have the option to customize their design to suit your taste. Whether you prefer the look of a traditional or contemporary fireplace, you are sure to find one that complements your home décor.
If you are considering a zero-clearance fireplace, stop by our showroom in Toronto. We have live burning models on display. Our friendly staff members will happily answer any of your questions or show you how to operate a model you’re interested in.