Add a Second Fireplace to Your Home

modern interior (3d rendering)

Most homes have one fireplace, even though they are among the most popular features in a house. There are two great reasons to install a second fireplace.
First, a little indulgence is a good thing. Second, factory-built fireplaces are very efficient and can be used as a supplemental heat source. You can cut heating costs with a second fireplace.

Where to install a second fireplace

Even if you add a fireplace for the sake of pure indulgence, you get practical benefits. Your home value can be expected to increase enough to cover the cost of buying and installing a second fireplace, should you ever sell. A crackling fire in winter is such a pleasure in any room. The ambiance is as warm as the heat from the fire. If you’re interested in making a change in your home, why not add a second fireplace?
Factory-built fireplaces available today can be installed close to walls and are safe for just about any space in the home. The master bedroom is the most popular room to install a second fireplace in. Of all the rooms you can choose from for a second fireplace, the bedroom is usually the one that offers the most options, as far as where to install it.
Other spaces in the home may be much smaller, but they are usually suitable for a fireplace, as well. Thanks to the fact that factory-built or zero-clearance fireplaces can be installed next to combustible materials, even small spaces can be perfect for a second fireplace.
Imagine the pleasure your family could get out of having a fireplace in the kitchen. If the room is large enough, you can move in some overstuffed chairs and make the heart of the home even more of an irresistible gathering spot. In small kitchens, a small fireplace could be mounted in place of a cabinet. Installing a gas fireplace in your kitchen is especially convenient if you already have gas appliances.
Why choose one room for you second fireplace? Some styles are available that allow one fireplace to be enjoyed in two different rooms. These are gas fireplaces installed in the wall. You could also use the fireplace itself as a room divider.

Types of fuel for a second fireplace

You can choose to install a wood-burning fireplace, a gas fireplace, or an electric fireplace. If you want your fireplace to be a cost-saving source of supplemental heat, wood and gas are the best fuel types. Direct-vent gas fireplaces are very easy to install because the vent can go directly through the nearest wall.
The top benefit of a wood-burning second fireplace is that it has the unmatched ambiance of crackling wood. Gas fireplaces are favored mostly because of their incredible convenience that makes zone heating effortless. Electric fireplaces are ideal for many homeowners who like the convenience of simply plugging the appliance in as a secondary heat source.
Contact us today about installing a second fireplace, which is one of few pure indulgences that are equally practical.