Benefits and Easy Maintenance of Gas Logs

Gas Log Sets TorontoFor centuries, fire has been used to provide warmth to dwellings and the people living in them. Today’s modern fireplaces not only provide warmth, they also add a touch of beauty and elegance. However, homeowners have had complaints about the hassle of using wood logs as their fire source. That hassle is almost non-existent with gas logs in a gas-burning fireplace.
The benefits of gas logs are many. Let’s look at a few of them.
Easier to use
How many steps are involved when using wood in a fireplace? You have to buy (or chop) the wood, transport it home, stack it in a dry area outside, cover it, haul armloads at a time into the house, dump the wood into the fireplace, and then clean out the ashes and chunks of sooty cinder on a regular basis.
With a gas fireplace using gas logs, there are only two steps: turn on the gas, and sit back and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a much cleaner-burning heat source.
Less maintenance
When wood burns in a fireplace, it leaves a significant amount of creosote and soot buildup in the chimney. Without constant maintenance, these substances can easily cause a chimney fire. Gas logs, on the other hand, burn cleaner, and while there’s still a need for some maintenance, it is required less often and isn’t nearly as involved.
Burning Regulations
Although today’s modern wood burning appliances burn very clean, gas logs emit even
less particulates through the chimney and into the air. Gas logs are the ideal choice for people who live in areas that wood burning may be limited by regulation.
Instant fire
Gas logs don’t actually “burn” but rather retain and emit heat, which makes getting your fireplace fired up is as simple as flicking a switch. That’s a lot easier than the process of starting a good, even fire with wood – especially if the wood contains any dampness.
Great looking
Modern gas logs are manufactured to give a strikingly similar appearance to a variety of wood types. These ceramic logs include common wood features like natural bark patterns, knotholes, forked branches and axe marks. You have to look closely to tell they’re not actual wood.
Because gas log sets are ultra-long lasting, they end up costing less than wood logs, which always need to be re-stocked. And don’t forget the value of not having to spend time buying, hauling, lighting and cleaning out the remains of wood logs. Time is money, and you’ll save both when you use efficient gas logs.
Every home is unique as are the needs and preferences of each individual homeowner. A very wide variety of gas-burning log sets are available today in styles that will make a beautiful match with virtually any home décor. For simplicity, aesthetics and efficiency, it’s hard to beat a roaring fire using handsome gas logs.
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