Benefits of Installing a Multi-Sided Fireplace in Your Home

Ever since Man figured out how to build shelters and construct stone enclosures for fire, humans have been enjoying a heat source that today we call a fireplace.  Back then, it was mainly about warmth, and fire was the only way to get it.  Today, we love fireplaces as much as the caveman did, but now we want more perks than just heat.  For this reason, many homeowners are discovering the benefits of installing a multi-sided fireplace in their homes.
Traditional fireplaces were built along a wall that separated the outside from the inside.  Nowadays, stunning fireplace designs allow these appliances to go on a wall between two rooms, getting double duty out of their elegance and warming properties.
Benefits of multi-sided fireplaces
A key benefit is the ability to spread heat into two rooms instead of just one.  A good example is the multi-sided wood fireplace from Heatilator.  The firebox is see-through, creating a beautiful visual between two rooms.  The design is crisp and subtle, making it a stylish match for a wide variety of home decors.
Gas or wood
Multi-sided fireplaces are available in both gas- and wood-burning models.  If you enjoy the sight and aroma of real wood burning, it’ll be easy to find a unit that meets your needs.  On the other hand, if you’re the type who likes quick starting, clean burns and very little maintenance, shop for a modern gas fireplace to make your life easier.
Venting options
Venting a multi-sided fireplace is the same as with a traditional fireplace.  For wood fireplaces, a well-built chimney will be required to channel smoke and toxins efficiently from the firebox to the outside air.  With a gas model, venting is usually much less involved.
Gas unit options
Gas fireplaces include log sets that are made to look amazingly like real wood.  Controlling the amount of heat (up to 40,000 BTUs with some models) is easy as many gas multi-sided fireplaces come with handy remotes.  An always-running pilot light ensures quick starting, even in the event of an electrical power outage.  Finally, you can buy units that are fitted with blowers, which gently push warm air out into the room.
Certain heat with wood fireplaces
Aside from the obvious benefits of real, crackling wood and the unmistakable aroma produced by wood fires, another benefit is that, unlike with units that run on gas, it makes no difference what kind of power outages you might experience if you have a wood-burning fireplace.  As long as you have some logs, tinder and a match, you’ve got fire.
When it’s time to sell your home
And don’t forget, many real estate experts agree that homes with fireplaces do more to attract buyers than those heated by traditional methods.  A handsome multi-sided fireplace makes any home look more comfortable, cared for and attractive.  So that’s another benefit for down the line.
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