Benefits of a Factory-Built Fireplace

3D rendering / Modern HouseDo you ever sit in your home on cold winter evenings wishing you had a fireplace to supplement your home heating? Do you already have a traditional masonry fireplace in one room and would like to have some sort of additional fireplace in another room but don’t want the hassle of having one built? A yes answer to either of these questions means you might be a perfect candidate to learn about the benefits of a factory-built fireplace.
4 benefits of a factory-built fireplace

  1. The first benefit is safety. Factory-built fireplaces use a steel cabinet to enclose the firebox and feature an insulating air pocket that protects adjacent walls from the heat. The necessary space between fireplace and walls is only about a half inch. Because of this, these fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere and perform with ultimate safety. Which brings us to our next benefit.
  2. Factory-built fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and create great aesthetics wherever they’re placed within a home. Compared with having a fireplace built from scratch, with a factory-built unit, installation is simple and precise. You can add one of these fireplaces to a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a game room – virtually anywhere in the home.
  3. Fireplaces that are pre-made and ready to install are less expensive than having a full-scale masonry fireplace constructed. And don’t forget, a factory-built unit includes the chimney/venting system and other components. Having one of these fireplaces in your home saves you money on the initial purchase as well as down the line in lowered heating costs.
  4. Gas or wood – you decide. Factory-built fireplaces are available in both gas-burning and wood-burning models. This makes it easy to select the style that’s best for your particular needs and lifestyle. The beauty of real wood crackling, or the convenience of a gas-powered heat source – the choice is yours.

Safety considerations
Although you can visit a hearth store and walk out the door with one of these convenient units, getting the product home and getting it installed are two different things. You should always employ the services of a skilled fireplace technician when installing a factory-built fireplace. This is not a plug-and-play deal, in other words. For your safety and that of all who live in your home, trust only a certified professional for an installation job.
Other safety tips include:

  • prefab fireplace - Toronto ON Hearth StoreWith a wood-burning fireplace, start your fires with a match or lighter, not with any kind of combustible liquid.
  • Never overload a fireplace with logs, because they could fall out during the burning process.
  • Make sure the damper is open before starting a fire.
  • Don’t use large amounts of paper to get a fire started. Paper fires burn extremely hot and can lead to the warping of metal and the separation of joints within your fireplace system.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.

The showroom at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto is full of a wide selection of factory-built fireplaces for you to choose from. Our trained associates can help you find the right unit for your specific needs and budget. Visit us at 3322 Dundas Street West, or call (416) 762-4582 to speak with an associate.