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How to Choose Perfect Gas Fireplaces for Your Home?

Choosing a perfect gas fireplace for home is a tricky business because of the so many styles and designs available in the market. From wood burning fireplace to linear fireplace, you will find a wide range of modern fireplaces to

Important things to look for when buying best wood stove

There are many reasons why people look for the best wood stoves on the market. To begin with, they help you heat your home in an efficient way without requiring you to spend too much money. Different homes have different

Should you choose gas or wood fireplaces, inserts, and stoves?

Homeowners looking to add a fireplace insert, or stove in their house are a\required to make a decision between gas and wood. Deciding which one is the best is a matter that should only be taken forward after learning in

3 Reasons to Consider an Electric Fireplace

When people think of fireplaces, most often they picture the crackling fires from a wood-burning unit or a handsome gas fireplace that’s so popular today.  But there’s another kind of fireplace that many people believe is as good, or even better, than wood or gas.  Yes, we’re talking about fireplaces that run

5 Reasons People Shop for Electric Fireplaces

The choice to “go electric” with a fireplace instead of buying the kind that runs on gas or wood is an easy one for some people.  No other type of home heating appliance offers the convenience, ease of operation and absolute zero maintenance of modern electric

Fireplaces are a Hot Home Feature for Homebuyers

Fireplaces are hotter than ever with homebuyers. Style trends for fireplaces differ some based on climates in various regions. Most realtors, however, report that there has been an increase in the demand for fireplaces in recent years. Open flames in a fireplace create warmth in more ways

7 Reasons Wood Stoves Are Coming Back in Fashion

When you hear the term “wood stove,” what do you think of?  If you’re not familiar with the stunning new designs of modern wood stoves, you probably think of the old pot-bellied stove our grandparents used to operate.  If so, you’ll be happy to know that “old-fashioned” is only

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for a Builder Grade Fireplace

From pouring over different tile samples to weighing the best location for your laundry room, the options and, ultimately, the decisions in front of you can seem endless when you are building a new home or remolding your home. With all of the choices, and expenses,

Sorting Through the “Gas vs. Wood Fireplace” Debate

“I would love a house with a fireplace!”  Maybe you’ve heard someone say that before.  Maybe you’ve said it yourself.  Fortunately, to get that fireplace you want, you don’t have to go buy a new house, because today’s fireplaces are pre-built and ready to be installed. Now comes the part that’s

Why Wood Stoves Are So Appealing

When you bring a new wood stove into your home, you probably will have had a primary reason for making the purchase.  Perhaps you’re looking forward to saving money on heating bills with a fuel source that can’t be beat in terms of economy.  Or maybe

Update Your Old Fireplace with Gas Logs

Do you have an old fireplace you don’t want to use anymore? Traditional masonry fireplaces are very inefficient and don’t provide a meaningful source of heat on cold, wintry days. Because they don’t achieve good combustion, fires in old fireplaces emit a lot of particulate matter and

From Wood-Burning To Gas, Fireplace Options Are Wide-Ranging

What do cars, sports, pets and fireplaces have in common?  Each of these we have mentioned has many unique varieties, but not all of those varieties are right for everyone.  Since we know more about fireplaces than the other categories, we’d like to share some helpful information for anybody considering adding

Increase Home Resale Value With A Fireplace Makeover

It’s been shown time and time again that a fireplace is high on the list of positives for most home buyers.  Real estate organizations as well as individual agents all will tell you that homes with fireplaces sell faster and at a higher price than

How a Woodburner Can Cut Your Heating Bills

When you’re trying to find ways to cut heating costs, look to the trees. Wood is the least expensive type of heating fuel, by far. Heating with a woodburner is an excellent way to lower expensive winter utility bills. Efficient Wood Stoves You can turn

New Trends for Fireplace Designs

Fireplaces are one of the most popular and desired amenities within a home.  There’s a certain mood they create that makes people feel good.  And these days, there’s a reason to feel even better: a larger-than-ever selection of innovative and

Increase the Enjoyment of Your Fireplace with These Tips

Today’s fireplaces serve as more than just supplemental-heating appliances.  Fireplaces create a mood and bring ambience to any room.  They’re conversation pieces.  They provide the backdrop to many an enjoyable evening with family and friends.  So why not take a few steps to increase the enjoyment of your fireplace?  Here are

Should I Add a Fireplace to My New Home?

For many Canadians, a home without a fireplace isn’t much of a home. We enjoy the beauty of our fireplaces as well as their functionality in adding heat to our living spaces. If you’re in the process of building a

5 Tips to Keep the Home Fires Burning Safely this Holiday Season

The holidays are all about enjoying celebrations and friends. Often these occasions involve a lovely fire in a fireplace, which for many people is central to the season. Unfortunately, fireplaces are also central to dangerous chimney fires that can do