Can You Find the Right Fireplace or Stove for Small Rooms?

The big, elegant fireplace in a home is a perfect backdrop for get-togethers and makes for many a warm evening. But some of those fireplaces are really big! What about if you live in a small condo, townhome, apartment or dorm room? Is there any way you can experience the positive effects of a fireplace in tight quarters?
Of course there is. The traditional gaping fireplace, suitable for big rooms and big spaces, is still with us. But these days, fireplaces are being made in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and one of them is sure to be a perfect fit in your small room.
Corner fireplaces
Though they don’t go only in corners, these fireplaces are small and don’t take up a lot of space with a large hearth area. Small, yes, but powerful, too, corner fireplaces are the perfect addition to any room where space is at a minimum but a touch of elegance is still desired. Some of the most popular electric corner fireplaces are made by Amanita and Napoleon.
Electric stoves
Electric stoves come in a variety of sizes, many of them small enough to make an ideal fit in a room that’s already a little cramped. Great designs and great eye-appeal make the modern electric stove a real competitor in the home-heating market. And, of course, the convenience of an electric stove surpasses that of most any other type of heating appliance.
Wall-mounted fireplaces
If you’ve got a wall, you can have a fireplace. For example, manufacturers like Town & Country, Marquis and others build handsome fireplaces that run on gas or electricity and can be easily installed in most wall spaces. This includes walls in bedrooms and bathrooms. One of the greatest aspects of wall-mounted fireplaces is the fact they take up zero space.
These are examples of fireplaces and stoves that are ideal for smaller rooms and smaller homes. The key to finding the best heating appliance for your living space is to start by determining which kind would be most suitable. Go to a fireplace retailer and discuss your space requirements and fuel preference. See what’s out there that would fit right into your lifestyle.
Remember that there are a number of top-name manufacturers, so shop their products closely. Leading hearth industry companies include Da Vinci, Stuv, Bellfires, Valor, Jotul, Napoleon, Travis Industries, Ortal and select others.
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