Cozy Up to Custom Fireplace Options

Everybody loves a fireplace, and the traditional big unit in the main room of a home is a perennial favorite with homeowners and homebuyers alike.  But today’s fireplaces go way beyond this standard type of appliance.  Let’s look at some custom fireplace options that will beautifully accent most any home.
Where do you want your fireplace?
Living rooms are ideal for a cozy fireplace – and so are many other rooms in your home.  A wide range of smaller fireplaces are ready to take home and install for zone heating in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices and any other room where a great-looking, efficient heating appliance is needed.
Gas fireplaces are most commonly used for supplemental heating because they’re simple to install, easy to operate, not messy and most importantly, easy to vent.  Some gas fireplaces are made to operate with no vent at all, making it a snap to put them just about anywhere you want.
The Napoleon Plazmafire and the Novus Evolution from Heatilator are examples of two popular gas fireplaces that are perfect for rooms other than the living room.
Versatile fireplace styles and options
A home’s main fireplace can be spruced up with a variety of options.  Whether wood-burning or gas-burning, many different facades, finishes, mantels and surrounds can be used to customize an existing fireplace and add just the right touch of elegance and atmosphere to your living room or main room
When looking to add a gas fireplace to another room, the choices are virtually endless.  Popular styles today include dual-sided units that present an open firebox view in adjacent rooms, and wall-mounted appliances that can be set into a wall several inches or feet off the floor.
Check out the Napoleon Crystallo or the Marquis Skyline for units with very versatile placement options.
Fuel and conversions
As noted, gas fireplaces are generally easier to place than wood fireplaces and are available in both vented and non-vented models.  However, with proper venting (chimney) that adheres to local codes and ordinances, wood fireplaces also can be constructed throughout the home.
Conversions from one fuel to the other are becoming more and more common.  Going from gas to wood or from wood to gas in order to achieve a specific look or incur certain benefits is not that hard to do, although it’s recommended you enlist the services of a professional for these changeovers.
As you can see, a fireplace can be many different things.  No matter what type of unit you currently have, modifications are available to increase its eye-appeal, functionality and efficiency.  If you have no fireplace or are thinking of adding one in another room, you’ll find an amazing number of choices to work with.
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