Enjoying Your Fireplace in The Summer – Illuminating Without Heat

Luxury apartment interior with fireplace filed with candles

The joy of a fireplace does not need to dim during warm months. By taking a few helpful steps and being creative, you can get a lot of pleasure out of your fireplace even when it’s too warm outside for a fire. The following are some ideas for illuminating without heat and enjoying your fireplace in summer.

Schedule a Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

One of the top ways to enjoy a fireplace is to have peace of mind in knowing that it is safe to use and working properly. The best time to have your fireplace inspected is in early spring or summer, partly because you beat the big rush of business just before the burn season starts back up. Even if you rarely use your fireplace in winter, an inspection is important. The flue lining can become damaged for a variety of reasons, which creates the potential threat of a house fire. Moisture can create problems, and there are numerous causes. Take care of ensuring that everything is in good condition in the interior and exterior of the chimney as well as the fireplace, and you’re taking a good step toward enjoying your fireplace year-round.

Include the Fireplace in Spring Cleaning

A lot of the mess of cleaning a fireplace and chimney can be handled by your trusted chimney technician. You can also opt to do needed cleaning of your fireplace yourself, to get it ready for off-season decorating. The following are some tips for getting a fireplace truly clean:

  • First of all, be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning the fireplace, to protect your hands from the soot and cleaning products.
  • Sweep out ashes but not until they are all cool.
  • After ashes are removed, use a vacuum cleaner to remove residual soot and ash.
  • Make sure any cleaners you use in your fireplace do no harm to your masonry. Test a small inconspicuous area, to be sure the cleaning agents you use are gentle enough. Any all-purpose cleaners used should be diluted prior to use, to avoid streaks.
  • Be sure none of the cleaners you use are flammable, since they could leave behind residue that creates a fire hazard.

Decorate Creatively

Once your fireplace and chimney are nice and clean, you’re ready to make your fireplace a focal point in a new way. There are countless ideas for beautifying a fireplace during the off season, and the following are just a few:

  • View to Fireplace with three flying candles

    If you have an eye for interior design, create a one-of-a-kind display of large sculptural or vintage items, such as vintage luggage. When items are thoughtfully placed, the fireplace can really be ideal as a lovely display area.

  • A combination of candelabras and pillar candles is beautiful for just about any fireplace. When you light the candles, the atmosphere can be as romantic as if there were a fire but without the unwanted heat.
  • Booklovers can’t get enough of books. There are countless ways to use fireplace space as a unique bookcase and boost the charm of any room.
  • Elements of nature can bring your fireplace to life, whether plants, flowers, or beautiful firewood.

In addition to all of these great ideas for enjoying your fireplace in summer, consider an electric fireplace. Not only can an electric fireplace provide you with added warmth in winter, it can provide the charm of a fireplace year around. Simply turn off the heating element when enjoying your electric fireplace in summer.