Fireplace Doors & Screens: More than Safety

WD Metalcraft FIreplace DoorsAmericans have loved fireplaces ever since settlers arrived up here and began building houses. Early fireplaces served mainly to heat the home against bitter cold outside weather. But through the years, fireplaces became popular amenities in homes located outside of cold-weather states. Regardless of where fireplaces are built, however, safety is always a foremost concern.
Quality fireplace doors and screens are excellent safety accessories used to keep sparks and embers from popping out of a roaring fire in the fireplace. Any kind of well-built door will provide thorough protection, although a good screen will also be sufficient in most cases.
But beyond safety and protection, fireplace doors and screens today are truly decorative accents to the hearth area. Many styles and variations are available from two of the top manufacturers, Stoll and W-D Metalcraft.
Stoll fireplace doors and screens
The Stoll company was established in 1969 by William Stoll in North Carolina. Since that time, Stoll has become known as an industry leader with a full line of fireplace products and accessories that can be found in top hearth specialty stores.
Stoll produces a large selection of glass fireplace doors for masonry and ZC fireplaces. They’re available in a variety of basic, ornate, modern and antique styles and finishes that will perfectly accent any fireplace. Built with the highest quality quarter-inch tempered glass and safety screws, Stoll fireplace doors provide safety along with a beautiful appearance.
Many collections of doors and screens make up the Stoll catalog including Original, Bar Iron, Craftsman, Legacy, Outdoor and Essential. The experienced staff at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces can help you select the style that best fits your hearth and your specific needs.
W-D Metalcraft fireplace doors and screens
Another outstanding manufacturer of doors and screens for fireplaces is W-D Metalcraft, whose products are all made in Canada and carry a lifetime warranty on workmanship.
The company handles more than 500 sizes of tempered glass and can ship fireplace doors in the correct size that are ready to install right out of the box. They can also custom-design a door or screen to fit the specific dimensions of any fireplace. Whether you need a rectangular or semi-arch unit, W-D Metalcraft has the product for a perfect fit.
A variety of finishes are available such as Antique Brass, Bright Pewter, Statuary Bronze, Satin Brass, Satin Copper and more. The Marsh’s team can help you choose and customize a W-D Metalcraft fireplace door or screen that’s perfect for your home.
We’ll help you transform your fireplace into a beautiful & efficient heating unit
Over the years, fireplaces have transformed from utility devices used solely for heating and sometimes cooking to gorgeous accents to a room, filling it with both warmth and an extra-special ambiance. No matter what style or shape of fireplace you currently have, Marsh’s can help you find just the right door or screen to beautify your hearth area all year long.
Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto has the fireplaces and accessories you’re looking for. From complete wood and gas burning units from top makers to wood stoves, doors, screens, mantels and much more, you can shop confidently with local experts who know fireplaces inside and out. If you have questions about any of our products or services, please call (800) 906-5557, or contact us by e-mail today.