Fireplace Doors by Stoll and W-D Metalcraft

As year-round centerpieces of homes, fireplaces are statement-makers. During the colder months, people’s attention is pulled toward the firebox with its crackling logs and flirtatious flames. And even when the fireplace isn’t in use, the hearth area as a whole represents a degree of elegance and class. One element that is especially attractive are glass fireplace doors.  
These handsome doors serve more purposes than you might think. Not only do they add ornamental aesthetics to a fireplace – and thus the entire room – but they also provide safety for people and pets as well as helping to reduce utility bills with highly efficient heating qualities.
While many manufacturers create glass fireplace doors, two companies we feature at Marsh’s are W-D Metalcraft and Stoll.
W-D Metalcraft fireplace doors
Based in Kitchener, Ontario, W-D Metalcraft as been in the hearth supply business since 1941, when the company was launched in a Waterloo, Ontario, garage. High-quality products and service led to predictable growth over the years. The last 10 years has seen great strides made in the construction of custom glass doors for fireplaces, which are now the company’s flagship products.
W-D Metalcraft offers standard-size as well as custom-made fireplace doors. This means that, regardless of the shape of your fireplace, you can find just the right door to enhance your room’s décor and provide safety and heating efficiency. A variety of luxurious finishes are available including Antique Brass, Bright Pewter, Statuary Bronze, Dark Bronze, Satin Brass and Satin Copper.
Fireplace doors by Stoll
In 1969, William Stoll wanted a handy screen for the fireplace in his home in South Carolina. He built it himself, and that led to creating a fireplace products company that has come to be known as one of the best in the business.
Along with attractive doors for masonry and zero-clearance fireplaces, the Stoll company offers custom fireplace screens, mantels, hanging mesh kits, wood stoves and inserts, hearth pads and surrounds and much more. We recommend Stoll glass doors for anyone wishing to add beauty to their hearth area and the entire room where their fireplace is located.
You can’t go wrong by adding a Stoll or W-D Metalcraft glass door to your fireplace. In addition to great eye-appeal, here are a few more reasons that fireplace doors are so popular.
1. Safety. Solid glass doors are excellent barriers to flames and sparks. When wood burns, it shifts and collapses, which can lead to embers popping out of the firebox. Secure doors keep the fire inside, where it belongs, while protecting rugs, furniture and most of all young children and pets.
2. Better heating. Secure doors on a fireplace cause the fire inside to burn hotter, resulting in more heat in the room.
3. Draft protection. It’s estimated that without fireplace doors, as much as 80 percent of heat from a fireplace goes up the chimney due to drafts from the rest of the house that zero in on the open flames. Doors keep the heat in the firebox.
4. A properly operating fireplace can reduce heating bills considerably.
If you want to know more about the advantages of W-D Metalcraft or Stoll glass fireplace doors, Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto is here to serve you. Stop by and see us at 3322 Dundas Street West, or call (416) 762-4582 with questions. An experienced staff member will be happy to help.