Fireplaces Add Extra Heat & Security

Maybe it’s happened to you. The weather outside is downright profane, with icy air swirling and freezing everything in its path. A lot of wind, too. And then the power goes out. No lights, and no more heat. It doesn’t take long for a home to get pretty cold in these conditions.
But if you had a fireplace running during this calamity, you would maintain some or all of the heat in your home as you wait for somebody to figure out what happened to the electricity. This is one of the main reasons people buy homes with fireplaces or have them installed.
A quality wood-burning or gas-burning fireplace can be a lifesaver. In the Toronto area, it gets cold. Okay, it gets very cold. And cold is okay – as long as all you have to do in it is race from the house to the car or the car to the store. You certainly don’t want to live in it inside your home. But when the power grid fails and you don’t have a supplemental heating appliance, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
Fireplaces are versatile
Living rooms, dens, family rooms and other larger areas are perfect for a traditional fireplace. Installed and operated correctly, a big fireplace will keep on running and heating your home long after the electricity has gone away. But what if you have a really small home, or if you would like the benefits of a fireplace in other rooms within the house?
Modern fireplace designs make it easy to outfit virtually any room with an appropriate-sized unit. Smaller fireplaces are available to easily fit into a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom wall. These styles are designed to complement a room and enhance its appearance.
For your main room, you can select a fireplace that looks great, blends in and fills the space with soothing heat, no matter how big the space is. A fireplace shouldn’t overpower a room, but rather it should add to the ambiance and comfort.
Quality Wood Burning Fireplace InsertsIf you’ve ever lost power during a freezing winter storm, you know how important heat is. Many jurisdictions within Canada and the U.S. make it illegal for landlords to turn off power during the coldest winter months. Winter + no power = a miserable experience. Turn it around with a hot, efficient fireplace.
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