Fireplaces are a Hot Home Feature for Homebuyers

Fireplaces are hotter than ever with homebuyers. Style trends for fireplaces differ some based on climates in various regions. Most realtors, however, report that there has been an increase in the demand for fireplaces in recent years. Open flames in a fireplace create warmth in more ways than one. The ambiance is inviting, creating an atmosphere in which precious memory-making events are planned. The following are some of the top fireplace trends today.

Outdoor fireplaces

Many luxury home buyers insist on a home with an outdoor fireplace. Since adding the feature has been trending for years among homeowners, it’s a practical demand. The best thing an outdoor fireplace achieves is expanding the livable square footage of a home. With warm fires in chilly temperatures, the outdoor patio becomes an ideal place to entertain guests or enjoy a quiet evening in the out-of-doors.

Outdoor spaces are more upscale with the addition of a fireplace, increasing the value of a home by an average of $3,500.

Another popular feature is a two-sided fireplace that faces the outdoors and also warms the indoors.

Linear gas fireplaces

The sleek look of linear fireplaces is extremely popular with young homeowners. Ideal for contemporary homes, linear gas fireplaces provide a distinctive and appealing look, though a stark contrast in style, as compared with traditional fireplaces. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional gas log sets, opt for a more modern look with crushed glass or river rock! The ease of starting and turning off a gas fireplace is one of several reasons these appliances are in growing demand. The fact that they are clean-burning and efficient has appeal, as well.

Hidden feature

There was a time when a fireplace was the true centerpiece of a home, but televisions eventually claimed that distinction. Fireplaces are making a comeback, however. One of the most popular trends is to install a television above the fireplace and enjoy the warm ambiance of a fire with the entertainment a television provides.

Energy Efficiency

gas stove insert in Mississauga onIn cold climates, fireplaces are most sought-after for the purpose of providing an efficient source of heat. EPA-approved fireplaces can have efficiency ratings above 90%, depending on the type of fireplace you choose. The following are some of the energy-efficient fireplaces popular with homeowners today:

·      A fireplace insert added to a traditional fireplace transforms it into a genuine heat source that can help cut energy costs.

·      Styles of modern, efficient wood fireplaces available today include some with an entirely new, modern look and an especially wide view of the flames.

·      Gas fireplaces can be traditional, with the look of realistic faux logs in a wood range of styles. They can also be ultra-modern in many different artistic shapes and sizes. Either way, they are efficient sources of supplemental heat.

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