Four Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireplaces provide an ideal and picturesque setting for classic home living. There is the romantic ambiance that makes home the perfect setting for date night. There are festive celebrations with family and friends to be enjoyed. Favorite family photos and seasonal décor can be displayed on the mantel in a pleasing manner. Of course, there is the annual hanging of the stockings for Old St. Nick. Even with all of these great reasons people enjoy having a fireplace, there are four more top benefits to having a high quality fireplace in your home.
1 – Lower Energy Costs
Wood is the most affordable type of fuel available, and that’s true whether you use trees on your own property or buy from local retailers. To produce 1 million BTUs with firewood costs less than $10; to produce the same amount of energy with electricity costs over $30, according to reliable heating fuel comparison calculators. When your fireplace is made more efficient by smart design, with a modern fireplace insert, or with a factory built fireplace, you can depend on it even more heavily, to provide the heat your home needs for winter. The more you rely on your fireplace and turn down the thermostat on central heating, the smaller your electricity bill can be.
2 – Achieve Energy Independence
When you use an energy efficient fireplace, fireplace insert, or factory-built fireplace, it is possible to significantly reduce your dependence upon the utility company. Alternate forms of energy, such as solar power and wind energy, are becoming more and more popular, as homeowners try to cut back on the use of power supply plants due to their negative environmental impact. A well-engineered masonry fireplace and high quality fireplace inserts and factory-built fireplaces are all capable of producing enough heat to substantially cut back on the need to use the central heating system.
3 – Backup during Power Outages
When winter rolls around, it is not uncommon for icy storms to create a multitude of problems, including causing blackouts. When the power goes out, things get very complicated. For instance, how can you stay warm and how can you heat food? Generators are helpful but can create dangerous exposure to carbon monoxide. The most practical, inexpensive, and effective way to get through a blackout comfortably is with a fireplace or another type of wood-burning appliance. The fireplace can keep you warm, provide light, and give you the heat needed to prepare warm food and drinks.
4 – Environmentally Friendly Heating
Burning firewood in a fireplace to heat your home is a good way to go green. Wood is a renewable, sustainable resource. Wood harvesters in North America plant more trees than they cut down, and there are more trees on the continent now than there were 70 years ago. Firewood is also carbon neutral, which means that by burning firewood, you don’t add any more carbon to the environment than if the firewood decayed naturally. Fossil fuels that fuel power plants, on the other hand, release large amounts of carbon when burned.
Another reason you reduce your environmental impact when you use modern fireplace inserts is because they are specially engineered to improve burn efficiency. Fires burn cleaner and release less ash and fewer combustion gases and particulate matter. Most modern fireplace inserts exceed clean air standards set out by environmental agencies. Some top appliances are allowed in smoke-free zones because they produce such a small amount of smoke and such low emissions.
A fireplace is a great addition to your home if you want to cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, improve conditions during blackouts in winter, and move toward energy independence. But if you’re like most people, you’ll just be glad to have a cozy place to get warm when it’s chilly outside. Contact us today for more information about high efficiency fireplace inserts and for all of your questions related to wood-burning appliances.