An Intro to Gas Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts

Linear Gas Fireplaces - Toronto ONWhat’s the difference between fireplaces, stoves and inserts comparing one to another? In terms of their function and general appearance, there are many differences. The major difference in these heating units is in the fuel they run on. In this post we’ll look at gas products for heating your home.
Why choose gas?
There are several types of fuel that can be used to operate a fireplace or stove. They include gas, wood, electricity, pellets (which is wood but in a different form) and coal. Each has its own advantages. The advantages of gas include:

  • Cleanest-burning of all non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Units start quickly with the flip of a switch
  • Fireplaces and stoves that run on gas don’t require anything to be regularly loaded into the firebox
  • Very little cleaning of the heating unit is necessary
  • Produces no creosote, which can cause chimney fires
  • No embers or sparks pop from the firebox into the room

Let’s look at the products types used in gas home heating.
Gas fireplaces
As with gas stoves, you can choose from numerous elegant styles of gas fireplaces. Taking it a step further, many handsome mantels and surrounds can be installed to give the hearth area a look that perfectly blends with and accents your room furnishings and design.
Ventilation is always a consideration when installing a zero clearance gas fireplace. Experienced staff at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces are always happy to help customers choose the style of gas fireplace and match it with a venting solution that’s best for their needs and lifestyle.
Gas fireplace inserts
If you already have a pre-fab or masonry fireplace and are looking for more efficient heating, a gas fireplace insert is the perfect solution. Inserts help to prevent heat loss and create an environment of greater heat within the firebox, which translates into more heat being moved into the room.
Two pipes are used in ventilating most newer gas inserts. One pipe channels exhaust gases away from the fireplace, while a second brings clean air into it.
Gas logs
Whether they’re used in a gas fireplace or stove or to convert a traditional wood-burning fireplace, gas log sets are not only economical but also highly efficient. They can produce twice as much heat as wood and are virtually maintenance free. While they look like burning wood in your heating unit, you’ll never have to add more every few hours.
Freestanding gas stoves
Gas Stoves in TorontoGas stoves perform the same job as traditional wood-burning stoves only with much less hassle and maintenance. Unlike a wood stove, however, gas models must be placed proximate to an inside gas line, which brings the fuel in from an outside tank.
An amazing variety of shapes, sizes and styles of freestanding gas stoves are available, making it easy to match your new unit to your room’s décor. As to venting a gas stove, there are a few options: B-Vent, Direct-Vent and Unvented.
Interested in learning more about gas fireplaces and stoves? The experts at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto are ready to help by showing you a complete line of gas products and answering all your questions. Stop in and see us at 3322 Dundas Street West, or pick up the phone and call (416) 762-4582.