Increase the Enjoyment of Your Fireplace with These Tips

Today’s fireplaces serve as more than just supplemental-heating appliances.  Fireplaces create a mood and bring ambience to any room.  They’re conversation pieces.  They provide the backdrop to many an enjoyable evening with family and friends.  So why not take a few steps to increase the enjoyment of your fireplace?  Here are some ideas.

Add design flair to the mantel and surround

Many homes have just a traditional fireplace in the wall with nothing else.  You need to check out some of the fabulous mantels and surrounds available to spruce up the appearance of your fireplace.  With many styles, sizes and textures to choose from, you’ll find it easy to make your fireplace area a perfect match for your home’s décor.

Keep tools handy

There’s nothing worse than needing a poker or some kindling and having to go looking for it.  During the cold season, make a check list and gather the tongs, shovels, gloves, ash can and other items you’ll need to make running your fireplace convenient and enjoyable.

Add a fireback

Want more heat from your fireplace?  Consider adding a cast iron fireback.  It goes in the back of the firebox to absorb heat from the fire and radiate it out into the room.

Add an insert

If you have a traditional masonry fireplace, a new fireplace insert will quickly raise the efficiency of your unit and make burning fires much more enjoyable – and warmer!

Keep wood dry

If there’s anything that makes operating a wood fireplace a chore, it’s burning unseasoned wood.  Make sure all the wood you chop or buy has had sufficient time to dry out.  Wet wood takes more time to ignite, and it burns with excess smoke that you don’t want.

Timeline of a fire

If you’re having a get-together or just want to spend a relaxing evening in front of the fire with your family, remember that wood fires reach their heat peak about two hours after initially starting them.  Get the fire going ahead of time so that when it’s time to sit down and relax, you’ve got a nice fire to enjoy.

Arrange comfy seating

The overall fireplace experience can be enhanced by adding comfortable seating in the vicinity of the fireplace.  Along with some aesthetic improvements to the hearth area itself, soft and stylish chairs and sofas make the room more pleasant and enjoyable all season long.

Invest in a fireplace vacuum

If you operate a wood fireplace, there’s always some cleaning involved.  Make it easy on yourself with a special ash vacuum that quickly cleans out the firebox with no mess or hassle.  You want to enjoy your fireplace, not spend all your time cleaning it.

A fireplace should be much more than a heating appliance.  With these tips and your own ingenuity, you can make your fireplace the center of good times and enjoyable moments every day of the year.

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