Installing a New Heating Unit? Here’s What to Consider.

Installing a new Fireplace in TorontoIf you’re thinking of installing a new heating unit in your home, you’re probably doing so for a reason such as more efficient heat, savings on utility bills or general aesthetics. After you’ve decided that you want to supplement your home heating, the next step is to determine the best method for doing this. Here are a few questions to get you thinking toward the right choice.
Where do you want to put the new appliance?
Whether it’s a fireplace or a stove, modern designs and technologies allow for the placement of these units in many areas within a home. Fireplaces can go in walls between two rooms and in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Stoves are also versatile in their placement options. There are venting concerns with certain types of models, so talk with a hearth products expert before making your decision.
What kind of fuel will you use?
Fireplaces and stoves can run on natural gas, wood, propane, electricity, coal and a few other fuel types. In deciding to add one of these appliances to your home, determine the availability of the various fuels and how consistently you’ll be able to get them. Also spend some time comparing the overall costs of the fuel types you’re considering.
Are you after heat, or looks?
Not all home heating appliances produce large amounts of heat, and not all fireplaces, stoves or inserts will look just right inside your home. When you shop for your appliance, consult with a knowledgeable salesperson to make sure your purchase will meet your objectives. With the huge variety of models and styles available, it won’t be hard to get exactly what you want.
Do you have an under-performing wood fireplace?
If your fireplace is the traditional masonry style, it might not be as efficient as you would like it to be. Rather than buying a separate heating unit, consider having an efficient fireplace insert installed. If you want more convenient operation and less mess, look into converting your wood fireplace to gas.
Are you planning a remodeling project or building a new home?
In this case, it’s wise to decide on supplemental heating appliances before the plans are finished. This way, it will be easy to specify the exact size, style and placement of the new unit. Talk with a fireplace expert who knows about remodeling and new construction.
How big should the unit be?
This will depend on how much of your home you want to heat. Fireplace and stove manufacturers in their manuals give targeted heating ranges for their various models. The bottom line is, you don’t need to put a huge fireplace in a tiny room, and you won’t want to place a small, efficient unit in a spacious living area.
What’s your budget?
The good thing about modern stoves, inserts and fireplaces is they come in price ranges to fit most budgets. Some models will cost significantly more than others and, as we’ve mentioned, fuel cost is a factor in the expense of operating the unit. Because not all home heating products are made equal, it’s important to consult with a hearth expert to make sure you get the best value for your money.
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