Up your Grilling Skills with Saber & Napoleon Grills

Saber Cast 500 Grill

Saber Cast 500 Grill

As winter finally says goodbye and warm weather sets in, it’s time to start getting active around your house. For many people, this means parties and other get-togethers during which grilling outdoors is a central theme. But remember, just like how the best cuts of meat make the best meals, the best barbecue grills are best at cooking the meat and other delicious items.
Saber barbecue grills
When it comes to bbq grills, one of the most popular choices with consumers is the Saber Cast 500 R50SC0012. It’s a magnificent full-sized cooking unit with three burners and numerous other attractive features like halogen lights, electronic ignition and a side burner that takes less than 20 minutes to boil 15 quarts of water.
With the technology built in to the Saber Cast 500, you’re ensured of even cooking temperatures, no flare-ups like with some barbecue grills and 30 percent less propane consumption than traditional grills.
Strength and durability is also built in: the grill is made of solid stainless steel with work surfaces and shelves bolted securely in place. Cleanup is a breeze with a front-access grease tray and the ability to easily burn off and brush away any food particles. Would you rather use natural gas than propane? This unit easily converts to gas.
Saber’s parent company, The W.C. Bradley Co., was founded in 1885. W.C. Bradley specializes in leisure lifestyle brands such as the popular Char-Broil company.
Napoleon barbecue grills
Napoleon Gas Grill

Napoleon Prestige PRO 825 Grill

A recognized leader in fireplace technology, Napoleon also designs some of the top bbq grills on the market. For example, there’s the Prestige PRO 825, which has an infrared rear and side and 10 convenient burners and is made of premium stainless steel.
This unit also features an easy-to-use roll top, a tray for smoking wood chips, dual-level sear plates, two-stage power burners with reversible grids made of strong cast iron, lights for night time cooking and standard interior lighting.
Interested in more than “regular” grilling? With the Prestige PRO 825, you can bake a cake, make a great pizza, whip up a delectable roast and so much more. This is truly one of the most versatile and functional barbecue grills available today.
Napoleon grew out of a steel-fabrication business launched in 1976 in Ontario. The name “Napoleon” was born in 1981 and in the ensuing years the company has expanded throughout Canada and into the United States and Europe.
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