Modern Wood Stoves Are a Trend Worth Keeping

Best rated wood stovesYears pass, and trends come and go. But when it comes to anything related to homes and lifestyle, three areas seem to matter to virtually every homeowner: eye appeal, environmental-friendliness and economy of use. These trends – which have really become staple concerns of our home life – are well-supported by the eclectic selection of modern wood stoves.
Brought together, these staples satisfy the need people have for things to look good, be healthy (or at least not destructive) to our environment and bring some kind of monetary benefit. Let’s look at how wood stoves score in these areas.
Amazing designs
When you look at the variety of wood stove designs available today, you can see that there’s a great design for every home. All sorts of shapes, sizes and finishes are being offered by top manufacturers such as Regency, Stuv, Wittus, Rais, Enerzone and others. A wood stove can match the homeowner’s need for aesthetic appeal while blending in well with a room’s current décor.
Gentle on the environment
Today’s wood stoves are clean-burning and most of them surpass Environmental Protection Agency standards. Unlike gas, oil and coal, wood is a renewable energy source. In its natural state, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; upon combustion, it releases no more of this pollutant than it originally took in. Properly dried wood produces very little smoke, making it very gentle on the environment.
Reduce utility bills
Because homeowners typically place wood stoves in areas of the home that get the most use, these appliances are great ways to stay warm while cutting back on the cost of central heating. Modern design technology makes wood stoves highly efficient sources of heat – much better at heating an area than a traditional fireplace. It’s not uncommon to hear of wood stoves reducing utility bills in the winter by as much as 40 percent.
Good for cooking in a pinch
Many wood stoves are designed to act as stovetops, saving even more on utility costs. You can boil water, fry eggs, warm up leftovers, make soup and accomplish just about anything else you normally do on your stove. In the “old” days, before fancy ranges and ovens hit the market, the wood stove always doubled as a heating/cooking appliance.
No power? No problem.
IModern Wood Stovesf you rely on standard central heat in the winter, what happens during a power outage? No heat, no cooking. With a wood stove, your heat source remains constant, regardless of what the gas and electricity utilities decide to do, and as long as the stove is running, you’ve got a way to cook nice hot meals and drinks.
It’s clear, then, that wood stoves bring important benefits homeowners today seek: eye appeal, environmental-friendliness and economy of use. For many, the question isn’t whether a wood stove is right for their home, but rather how to choose one with so many styles available?
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