Morso Wood Burning Stoves

morso 7648

Morso Wood Burning Stove Model #7648

From stylish and contemporary to classic and traditional, Morso makes wood-burning stoves that keep Canadians warm and safe during the long, cold winters. We want to showcase three stove models that validate Morso’s place as a leader in wood stove technology and design.
Morso 7648 contemporary wood stove
With its soft, round contours and space-saving size, the Morso 7648 provides a maximum heat of 35,000 BTUs per hour and does a fine job heating spaces of up to 1,200 square feet. This unit stands off the ground, mounted on a circular base, and allows for a thrilling panoramic view of the flames inside. It is made from high-grade cast iron with 98 percent recycled material.
Designer Monica Ritterband said she wanted to “create a wood stove with an organic rounded shape” and noted that cast iron was the only material that would work in crafting the rounded corners properly. The 7648 is 39 7/8 inches tall with a width and depth of 18 1/4 inches. Pre-heated air allows for a very hot fire within the combustion chamber, where nearly all waste gasses are efficiently burned off.
Morso 7642 contemporary wood stove
morso 7642

Morso Contemporary Wood Burning Stove Model #7642

The Morso 7642 also features a contemporary rounded shape, though this model sits flat on the floor surface. Its glass door makes for great fire-viewing and is the largest door of its kind ever produced by Morso. A maximum heat output of 35,000 BTUs per hour will heat rooms as large as 1,200 square feet.
Made of cast iron, the 7642 burns with high efficiency, providing users with the convenience of a one-grip system to control the amount of heat emitted. This model is 37 1/2 inches tall, 18 1/4 inches wide and 18 1/4 inches deep.
Full line of classic Morso wood stoves
For the traditionalist, Morso offers numerous wood stove models in its classic line. A good example is the Morso 7110, which blends traditional design elements with a modern presentation. This stove has a squared appearance and sits on four stable legs.
morso 7110

Morso Classic Wood Stove Model #7110

The air-washed window of the 7110 allows for breathtaking, unobstructed views of the dancing flames inside. With its maximum heat generation of 38,000 BTUs per hour, the unit is ideal for heating spaces sized up to 1,300 square feet. It stands 26 3/8 inches high with a width of 22 3/4 and a depth of 18 5/8. It accommodates logs up to 16.5 inches in length.
It would be impossible here to cover all the styles and features of the Morso line of wood-burning stoves. That’s why Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto invites you to visit our showroom and see a wide selection for yourself. Regardless of your current décor and lifestyle, you’ll find a Morso wood stove that perfectly fits your needs.
Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces is located 3322 Dundas Street West. If you have any questions about Morso products or any of our other fine lines of gas and wood heating units, you can speak to a helpful representative by calling (416) 762-4582.