Napoleon and Saber Grills: the Latest in a Long Tradition

Depending on who you listen to, humankind has been acquainted with fire for as many as 1.8 million years.  Surely not long after some ingenious caveman-type discovered how to make fire, somebody else discovered how to use it to make food.  Because Man is smarter than Nature, we’ve recently found other ways to prepare food such as microwaves, electric skillets and gas ovens.
But if you want the absolute best and unmatchable taste when cooking a wide variety of foods, stick with fire.  And make it easy on yourself with top-of-the-line Napoleon and Saber grills, which will give your meats and vegetables the same robust flavor as those once cooked by Igor the Caveman.
What’s great about Napoleon?
For the French, Napoleon Bonaparte was great for leading successful campaigns during the French revolution.  For Canadians, grills bearing Bonaparte’s first name are great because of how easy they make it to serve up the most delicious meals imaginable.
Whether you’re cooking for one or two or 20, Napoleon makes the appliances that bring out the inner grill-master in all of us.  In the Prestige line, for example, you’ll find grills with up to 10 burners, wood-chip smokers, sear plates, and lights so nothing gets over-done when the sun goes down.  (This was likely a big problem for Igor, since the light bulb was still years away.)
With some Napoleon grill models, you can even bake a cake or a pizza or prepare a traditional pot roast.  The Napoleon company has been around since 1981.  It originally did steel fabrication, and a lot of that know-how has gone into producing some of the sturdiest and most durable grills on the market.  Check out all the awesome models on the Napoleon website.
What about Saber?
Another name that Canadians – and people all over North America – are crazy about is Saber.  Makers of functional and versatile grills, Saber focuses on three things: better technology, better construction and better experience for customers.
The technology in Saber grills uses 100% infrared heat and requires about 30% less gas to operate than many other leading brands.  Saber grills are made from strong, commercial-grade stainless steel with a welded steel tube frame surrounding both the cart and the firebox.  In other words, they hold up.

The experts at Saber have put this and so much more into every grill to ensure the best possible experience for the griller and the best possible aroma and taste from whatever the griller is whipping up.  Learn all about Saber grills on their website, and if you don’t get hungry looking at all the scrumptious food that leads their home page, you must have just eaten.
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