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Ortal Gas Fireplaces - TorontoWhile the United Kingdom is the birthplace of the heating stove, Israel is home to one of the leaders of today’s heating solutions: Ortal. Established in the industrial zone of Hod HaSharon, Ortal is a family-owned business that specializes in architectural gas fireplaces and stoves. With 77 models on the market, they boast the broadest selection of contemporary high-performance fireplaces in Europe and the United States. What sets Ortal apart—besides their large selection—is the simplistic architectural beauty of their gas fireplaces and stoves.
The majority of Ortal’s fireplaces showcase the beauty of dancing flames without a frame. This simplistic design, coupled with the unusual dimensions of their fireplaces, makes them a striking focal feature in homes and commercial buildings. Along with offering front view fireplaces, they offer corner fireplaces that have a two-sided view of the fire and fireplaces with a three-sided view of the flames. All of their fireplaces, except the Clear 40 models, are available with the option of double glazed glass that helps to prevent overheating.
Another dramatic feature of Ortal fireplaces that distinguishes them is their dual line burner system that runs the full length of the fireplace. These two lines can be controlled separately, giving you greater control over the heat output and visual dynamics of the fireplace. With both burners on full capacity, they can heat a room quickly. Even when only one line is burning, the effect is visually stunning. They are the only fireplaces on the market with burners that create a fire that extends the entire length of the fireplace even when it is burning low.
The balanced flue featured in Ortal fireplaces both enhances the beauty of the flames they produce and provides greater safety. With a balanced flue system natural ventilation is used to exhaust gases outside and pull air from outside. Ortal fireplaces use long flue pipes that are smaller in diameter and greater in length than other fireplaces. This unique feature allows the pipes to run under floors and inside walls. Due to the flexibility of this exhaust system; Ortal fireplaces can be installed in apartments and other spaces where a fireplace usually couldn’t be. This versatile design feature is one of the reasons that Ortal fireplaces are popular in metropolitan areas.
Ortal’s heating appliances appeal to designers, architects and homeowners because of their beauty, craftsmanship and green initiatives. Their diverse selection—ranging from slim vertical fireplaces to linear fireplaces with a widescreen display—cater to the diverse space requirements and preferences of their customers. One of their most outstanding products is the Ortal Space Creator. It is a stunning, architectural addition to a home that separates living spaces and provides a stunning three-sided view of the fire. Along with traditional brick backgrounds, their fireplaces are available with the option of a reflective background. To complete the appearance of their fireplace customers are able to choose between ceramic wood logs, pebbles or branch-like logs.
In our Toronto showroom we have Ortal fireplaces on display so that you can enjoy their exceptional designs in person. Stop by to see them!