Outdoor Gas Fireplaces & Fire Features For Summer

The outdoor fireplaces being installed these days all across Canada aren’t just statements of taste and fashion.  They’re fully functional centers of a variety of outdoor living activities.  From cooking and entertaining to gathering around a lush source of warmth, it won’t be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Designs that complement
Once upon a time, the only fires you saw in backyards were from a haphazard bonfire somebody built to roast marshmallows.  These day, a wide selection of outdoor fireplaces are made with aesthetics and use in mind, designed to complement virtually any outdoor living space.  Here are a few popular models and makers to consider.
Mercatus Steel BBQ Fireplace: Resembling a modern stove, this unit uses charcoal and wood for either cooking or a warming fire.  It’s all self-contained and can be moved to wherever you prefer it.
Marquis Aurora: Here’s a stunning gas fireplace in a traditional design with either a satin coat black or stainless steel finish.  Bring your fire through a contemporary rock arrangement or gas log set.
Hearth & Home Twilight: Entertain in style with this elegant fireplace that is the first ever to feature two sides for both indoor and outdoor use.  The perfect centerpiece for any outdoor gathering.
Napoleon Linear Patio Flame: Better than a bonfire and more stylish than you can imagine, this handsome, rectangular fire pit is great for taking the chill off cool evenings and adding a touch of class to your deck or patio.
Heatilator Dakota: This rugged, gas-powered appliance brings heat and ambience to any outdoor décor.  It’s the world’s first gas fireplace designed specifically to be used outside.
Bringing one home
Different outdoor fireplace designs require different approaches to installation.  For gas fireplace that will be built into an existing structure, you’ll be working with a qualified general contractor to ensure that installation is performed properly.  When you purchase from Marsh’s of Toronto, we have G1, G2, and G3 licensed contractors who can run any necessary gas lines and install propane-fueled outdoor fireplaces in cottages and cabins.
When considering a new outdoor appliance – whether it’s a traditional fireplace, fire pit or stove, take some time to evaluate the area and decide what kind of unit would look best.  Also think about your needs: are you installing for warmth, cooking functionality, elegant aesthetics?  Making the right decision now will guarantee you many years of outdoor enjoyment.
For expert help and advice in choosing a great outdoor fireplace for your home, stop in at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces at 3322 Dundas Street West in Toronto.  Our associates will talk with you about your specific needs and show you the appliances that will best meet them.  If you have questions, you can reach us at (416)762-4582.