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Contemporary Wood Fireplaces

Model :Alterra CF780

Add natural elegance to any room with Regency's largest portrait style wood fireplace. Designed to showcase the dynamic ambiance of a wood burning fire, the Regency Alterra CF780 is a magnificent and captivating focal point.

Model :Astra 24 Clean Face

The compact Astra 24 combines convenient versatility with luxurious functionality. It is perfect for limited spaces and can often fit into existing wall cavities, minimizing the need for extensive renovations.

Model :Focus 320

The Focus 320 burns with a unique flame that is utterly mesmerizing and the contemporary style door offers the largest viewing space possible. The Focus 320 produces enough heat for the average house, burns overnight, and has low emissions.

Model :FP16 St-Laurent

This amazing large decorative wood-burning fireplace will become the centerpiece of your home. Its perfect rectangle gives it a sleek, modern look and its elongated shape produces a warm enchanting effect in the room.

Model :High Country 5000

Napoleon’s High Country 5000 Wood Burning Fireplace is perfect for adding the impact of a European-inspired, clean face design, with the traditional look and feel of an old-world fireplace.

Model :The Uptown 600

The built-in guillotine door and screen glide smoothly on vertical rails using bearings and duo counterweights. The same fluid motion is used in a tilt-forward system...

Model :Rumford Linear 50

At 50" wide, the wall-to-wall fire of the RL50 is an experience unlike any other. As with all Renaissance fireplaces, the door and screen lift open...

Model :FP7 Antoinette

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated a voluntary program for manufacturers of decorative wood burning fireplaces to encourage manufacturers to...

Model :Stuv 21105SF

Sleek and subtle fitted stoves which provide a full view of the fire...