Wood Products

This is where you find about the range in our Wood Products

Traditional Wood Fireplaces

Model :FP30 LE

Heat larger spaces with the reduced footprint of a wall-mount fireplace: the FP30 LE offers the best of traditional wood heat, with a contemporary look—and all the Pacific Energy extras.

Model :Elegance 36

The Ambiance Elegance® Wood Fireplaces are the best there is. The Elegance® 36 offers an exclusive combination of aesthetics and technology. For instance, Soapstone has no equal for heat management.

Model :High Country 3000

Napoleon’s High Country™ 3000 includes a catalytic converter, yes, just like your car. This wood burning fireplace has been EPA 2020 Certified and achieves lowest emissions possible while still maintaining its heat.

Model :Lafayette II

Like the great French general, the Valcourt team has been able to use its tactical skills to upgrade this non-catalytic unit, so that it perfectly combines the new heating technology with all its elegance.

Model :Opel Plus Keystone

As part of the growing Opel family, the Keystone is the result of fine craftsmanship, inspired by versatility and built on more than 30 years’ of proven performance with high efficiency wood–burning fireplaces.

Model :Pearl 3600

Renowned for quality construction and market leading performance, the Pearl 3600 is EPA 2020 certified at 1.49g/hr. Like all RSF fireplaces the Pearl 3600 is built to last a lifetime and is an excellent addition to any home.

Model :Icon Series

The Icon is the industry's largest wood-burning fireplace. Its beauty is highlighted by expansive viewing areas and authentic masonry looks. Let the....

Model :Rumford 1000

The Rumford 1000 is our most iconic fireplace. The unique Rumford shape has been providing peak combustion efficiency since the 18th century. The result is a more beautiful fire with lower emissions.