Regency Gas & Wood Fireplaces / Stoves / Fireplace Inserts

Vision is what guides and shapes business. When vision is paired with innovation industries can be transformed. Robert Little’s leadership of Regency Fireplace Products is an excellent example. In October of 2011, Robert (the founder and president of Regency) was awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2011 for the Pacific region and given the award in the manufacturing category because of his innovative and visionary leadership in the area of gas and wood fireplace, stove and insert manufacturing.
During the economic down turn, when other businesses were reducing their spending, Regency continued to invest money and time into development and leadership. Robert wanted to stay true to the vision of his company and continue to respond to his customers’ needs. His strong sense of customer awareness and keen design has allowed him to continually shape the hearth and home industry. This is what led his company to develop the first natural gas fireplace and to entirely modernize the distribution model within their industry. These achievements have impacted the hearth and home industry as a whole.
Three years after his award, Robert is continuing to challenge his company to produce the best possible products and services for their customers. Under his direction, they have adapted Toyota’s Problem Solving Method and Production System to help them create more efficient work flows and foster a company culture that empowers each team member to creatively problem solve. They also strive to have waste-free facilities. All of their products are made in facilities in North America where they recycle or reuse wood, cardboard, paper, steel and even steel dust.
Customers are the beneficiaries of Robert’s innovation and vision. He has created a company that they can feel proud to support and products they can have confidence in. Regency’s heating appliances boast high efficiency, beautiful aesthetics and convenient amenities. They offer wood burning fireplaces, inserts and stoves that can operate for up to 8 hours on one load of wood and have efficiency rating ranging from 77% – 86% depending on the model. All of their wood stoves and inserts have been certified by the EPA. They have been engineered to burn wood completely so that little ash and hardly any emissions are released into the environment. They have gas fireplace, inserts and stoves that allow you to control the heat output and can have an efficiency rating over 80%. Whether a customer has contemporary or traditional taste, they will find a fireplace, insert or stove that seems to have been made with them in mind.
We are proud to partner with Regency and have a selection of their fireplaces and inserts on display in our Toronto showroom. If you would like to see the result of Robert’s innovation and vision, stop by!