Renaissance & RSF: Factory-Built Zero-Clearance Fireplaces to Beautify Your Home

If you’ve been laboring with an old-fashioned masonry fireplace and want to take a step up in both efficiency and fashionable good looks, think of stepping up to the models offered by Renaissance Fireplaces and RSF, two of the industry’s most-respected names.
These days, a great fireplace should do more than just provide warmth, although you’ll get plenty of warmth with factory-built, zero-clearance fireplaces available from Renaissance and RSF.  Today’s modern homes require tasteful good looks and flexible designs, as well, both of which you’ll get from these manufacturers excellent product lines.  Let’s explore a couple of styles.
Renaissance Rumford 1000
Here’s a quality-built model that’s showing up in homes all across Canada and North America, and for good reason.  The only fireplace ever to win an Environmental Protection Agency award, the Rumford 1000 came on the scene as the first certified clean-burning, open-door fireplace in the world.  The design is taller than traditional fireplaces and gives homeowners a level of performance that’s unmatched in the industry.
The best materials, precision manufacturing and custom engineering from Renaissance has resulted in a sharp-looking, efficient appliance that offers a variety of installation options.  The unit measures 51” wide, 79 3/4” high, and 16” deep on the outside.  Genuine Rumford fireplaces have a distinctive shape, a shallow firebox, a curved throat and angled sides.  The result is reduced air turbulence in the firebox, which means easy lighting of fires, a stable draft and no smoke seeping into the room.
RSF Focus 250
This ingenious factory-built fireplace has a compact design that makes it perfect as a replacement for your current masonry unit.  It’s an ideal choice when you desire a raised hearth but the room has a low ceiling.  The Focus 250 features a surprisingly large glass viewing area and generates an amazing amount of heat with high efficiency burns.
The firebox on this appliance measures 2.1 cubic feet, and the unit is Phase II certified by the EPA.  You can install directly into a current masonry chimney with an RSF adapter and a stainless steel chimney liner that’s UL/ULC listed.
Aside from heat and performance, both the Renaissance Rumford 1000 and the RSF Focus 250 will be welcomed additions to virtually any space within a home.  Related models include the Rumford 1500 and the RSF Focus 320.  Both manufacturers offer a variety of other designs, all built with the quality homeowners expect from true industry leaders.
If it’s time to think about finding a handsome, efficient zero-clearance fireplace, stop by Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces in Toronto and ask about our Renaissance and RSF models.  We’ll be happy to help you determine which style would make the best addition to your home while meeting your needs for beautify, efficiency and best of all, warmth.
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