Increase Home Resale Value With A Fireplace Makeover

It’s been shown time and time again that a fireplace is high on the list of positives for most home buyers.  Real estate organizations as well as individual agents all will tell you that homes with fireplaces sell faster and at a higher price than their counterparts without this amenity.

So what do you do if a better and quicker sale sounds great but the fireplace you’ve got isn’t doing much in the way of visual appeal?  Fortunately there are some answers you’ll like to hear.

Fireplaces that need a makeover

Some fireplaces – particularly very old ones – tend to have a similar look: big, bricky and possibly branded with years of smoke and use.

Step one in this case is a thorough cleaning.  This will give the bricks, mantel and firebox a livelier new look.  But don’t stop there!

Do you want a more efficient fireplace?

There’s a growing trend of adding a fireplace insert to existing masonry fireplaces to bring greater efficiency to every fire you start.  Traditional, older fireplaces may have a rustic, old-fashioned appeal, but they’re not very good at generating heat.  Talk with your hearth store about modern inserts that can make your fires more enjoyable and attract the interest of buyers when it’s time to sell.

A makeover for the entire fireplace area

A drab fireplace and wall into which the fireplace is built is no fun to look at.  Thankfully you don’t have to live with this.  There are many ways you can makeover a fireplace and hearth area to look stunning and new and be a great accent to your room’s décor.

The wall: This can include part of the wall or the entire wall.  Your fireplace makeover can feature a brand-new surround with just the look you want, from wood and tile to rock and granite.  This in itself will completely revitalize the room.

A beautiful surround can be customized in many ways to perfectly express your good taste.  You can buy the surround “as-is,” or you can customize by adding special inlays, shelving or recessed boxes for displaying flowers, art or antiques.  There’s no limit with today’s surround options.

Glass doors: Glass doors on a fireplace not only preserve some of the heat and keep it from going up the chimney in the draft, but they also look slick and cool.  W-D Metalcraft and Stoll are examples of fireplace door manufacturers that offer a variety of well-constructed, good-looking doors to bring more life to your fireplace.

The mantel: If your current mantel is boring – or if you don’t even have one – now’s the time to go shopping.  You can find ready-to-install mantels in just about every shape, size, color and texture you can imagine.  Combined with a stunning surround and new glass doors, you’ll be amazed at the transformation a new mantel can make in your fireplace room.

It’s easy to get the right hearth accessories for a fabulous fireplace makeover at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto.  Visit us at 3322 Dundas Street West and see all the ways you can make a serious (and valuable!) upgrade to your fireplace.  Reach us with questions at (416) 762-4582.