Sleeker Designs Bring Modern Cool to the Fireplace

It wasn’t all that long ago when people imagining a fireplace saw a big, gaping, square hole in a wall, surrounded by huge sections of brickwork.  If this is what you think about when you think about fireplaces, you’ll be surprised at the amazing new technologies and sleeker designs that bring modern cool to the fireplace.

Where can you install a modern fireplace?

The days of paying a stone mason to build you a fireplace are over.  Today, fireplaces are completely built by manufacturers who take into account the changing styles of homes and tastes.  For this reason, you can purchase fireplaces that are perfect fits for any room in the home.

While modern wood fireplaces will still require a proper chimney/drafting system, newer models of gas fireplaces are far easier to vent – and some don’t require a vent at all.  This means that it’s easy to place a new fireplace of the perfect size and heating capacity in a bathroom or bedroom.

What sizes and shapes are available?

Regardless of your requirements for shape and size in your new fireplace, you won’t have trouble getting what you want.  Top manufacturers such as Napoleon, Regency, Heatilator and Marquis have full lines of sleek, modern gas-driven fireplaces in a wide variety of configurations, which makes finding the ideal fireplace for your home very simple.

For example, a Regency Horizon gas fireplace is rectangular, sized 56 11/16 inches wide by 25 1/8 inches tall.  It’s a direct-vent fireplace suitable for larger rooms, with a BTU output of between 37,000 and 41,500.

The Accent 35 by Napoleon is a good choice for smaller rooms, with up to 20,000 BTUs and dimensions of 35 inches wide by 34 5/8 inches tall.

Wood fireplace designs, as well, have kept up with the times.  The Accelerator Wood Fireplace by Heatilator is a beautiful appliance with refractory finishes, several colors and styles of doors and both classic and modern mantel designs.  This model features a firebox opening of 36 inches wide by 23 3/8 inches tall.

Customize your heating needs

When you shop for a fireplace, you’ll be able to know which ones will perform according to your heating requirements.  For bathrooms and small bedrooms, you can find units that are more compact and have lower heat output; for bigger rooms, plenty of fireplaces are available to provide the level of heat you want.

Along with customized heat levels, today’s fireplaces incorporate advanced burn technology that meets all standards as set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency.  You can buy confidently, knowing your new fireplace is designed for safety and optimal performance.

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