Spring & Summer is the PRIME TIME to install a new Linear Fireplace, Stove, Gas Fireplace or Insert

Want to know why spring or summer is the prime time to buy a new linear fireplace, gas fireplace, stove, gas logs, or fireplace insert?
By adding your new efficient heating appliance in spring, you miss the late summer rush of homeowners who want to add their supplement heat sources before the weather gets cold.
We offer a huge selection and a wide variety of heating appliances at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces. Although we offer many traditional designs at Marsh, we specialize in modern and linear designs.

Modern and Exciting Linear Fireplaces

Gas linear fireplaces are fairly new on the scene, among the many varieties of heating options. We think the genuinely unique versatility and sleek styles of linear fireplaces are exciting. Early gas fireplaces provided nominal heat, compared to today’s models. There are no more timid blue flames, either. The fire in a gas fireplace can provide the same type of warm, flickering flames that make traditional masonry fireplaces so popular.
The minimal design of linear fireplaces makes maximum impact on a home’s interior look. The elegant beauty combined with efficiency, functionality, and a large and unobstructed viewing area make a linear fireplace a seriously stylish way to inject charm and warmth into a home.
There are many outstanding options. Some linear fireplaces can be hung on the wall, like a framed picture. Multi-sided units can be installed in a wall and viewed from various angles or from two rooms at once. No chimney is needed, and that’s another reason these sleek heating appliances are ideal for any room in your home.

Ultimate Convenience

Homeowners everywhere have been taking advantage of the convenience of gas fireplaces. In addition to the sleek, modern styles, traditional gas fireplaces are popular for purposes of zone heating. This cost-saving strategy makes it possible to turn off central heating in the middle of winter and warm only the room you’re in. Because the flames and heat can be turned on and off with a flip of a switch, zone heating is an extremely convenient way to cut utility costs.

Installation Versatility

It seems that the designers of linear gas fireplaces have been thinking way outside the box to create these gorgeous heating appliances. Another way to buck tradition is to install fireplaces in rooms other than the den or family room. Gas fireplaces can easily be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Why not enjoy the flickering flames and cozy warmth of a linear fireplace in the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, game room, converted basement, and even entryways?
There’s no need to leave your masonry fireplace out of the possibilities. You may be able to install a new gas fireplace in your existing fireplace.
Springtime or in any season, contact us at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces for help from trained professionals as you choose an efficient new heating system for your home. We carry many traditional styles; and we recommend you consider an elegant, modern linear fireplace.