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Stuv Stoves & Fireplaces - TorontoGérard Pitance and Benoît Lafontaine founded Stûv in Belgium during 1983 with the vision of reconciling high-performance heating and conceptual design with the pleasure of a wood burning fire. The sleek, modern aesthetic that defines their company’s wood burning fireplaces, stoves and inserts is truly unique. Their original stove Stûv 60—a suspended wood burning stove with subtle lines in the geometric shape of a forge —is unmatched in design even 30 years later.
They have focused on producing wood burning heating appliances because of the ecological and aesthetic value of burning logs. As a sustainable, renewable resource that is considered carbon-neutral, wood is an environmentally friendly fuel when burned in a high-performance appliance. High-performance stoves, inserts and fireplaces produce low emissions and generate more heat with less fuel. Combining these benefits with the luxury of a crackling fire makes wood burning appliances an alternative heating source for the future.
The technical staff at Stûv are continually striving to find ways to improve the efficiency and design of their fireplaces, stoves and inserts. Their goal is to create wood burning appliances that integrate intelligently into homes of the future with extremely low emissions and high efficiency. Even though their appliances already boast 75% – 80% efficiency and pass European standards for low emissions, they believe there is always room to innovate. This challenges them to continually seek out new solutions.
For many city dwellers, Stûv’s wood burning fireplaces and inserts are ideal. They are designed for people with refined modern tastes and limited space. The simple lines and geometric shape of their fireplace and inserts complement a fresh contemporary style. Their ready-to-fit fireplaces have wood storage integrated into their design to eliminate the necessity for outside storage. Their fireplaces demonstrate how technology and design can be beautifully wed.
It is their passion for outstanding design that motivated them to collaborate with the Belgium artist and colourist Bernard Gilbert for the Stûv 21 single-face, Stûv 21 double-face and Stûv 30. These ready-to-fit fireplace are available in 19 colors that were selected during this collaboration. The colors were chosen because of how they complement the shade of fire. Depending on the time of day and ambient light, these colors shift just like flames.
Stûv fireplaces and inserts offer intuitive design features that add to the luxurious appeal of their heating solutions such as their retractable glass door that slides back partially or fully to create a more desirable viewing window for the fire. Their double-sided models allow you to view the fire from two sides through retractable glass. Other models, such as the Stûv 30 and Stûv 60, allow you to enjoy the warmth of the fire even when it is concealed from view. One of the most intuitive features that all of their appliances have are accessible parts so that cleaning and repair is made simple.
To fully appreciate the exquisite design of these unique fireplaces and inserts, view them in person in our Toronto showroom. See for yourself if you can imagine a Stûv in your home in the future.