Top 4 Reasons a Wood Stove is a Wise Choice

Wood stoves today are nothing like the wood stoves in your grandfather’s time. Modern wood stoves are technologically advanced heating systems perfect for any home. The marked improvements to these wood-burning appliances are partly due to a change in laws that occurred after a gasoline shortage in the 70s; government agencies pushed for fuel-saving solutions to fossil fuel-powered heating systems. Buying a wood stove is a wise choice, and here are the top four reasons:
Aesthetically Pleasing
Wood stoves are practical wood-burning appliances, and they also provide a pleasant ambiance and a pleasing focal point for any room. The styles available today are very different from former times. There are stoves to fit with all styles of décor, from rustic to modern. Many wood stoves include glass doors, making it possible to enjoy the pleasure of watching the dance of the flames.
Environmentally Friendly
Wood is an environmentally friendly fuel source that is both sustainable and renewable, unlike fossil fuels used by power companies. In North America, the common practice for many years now has been to plant more trees than the number cut down. When you buy firewood for your wood stove, you aren’t contributing to deforestation. Another advantage is that you can harvest dead trees on your property, use fallen branches, and use the wood at recycling facilities.
Wood is carbon neutral, emitting the same amount of carbon when burned in your stove as when it decomposes in the forest. If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, a wood stove is a great choice.
Heating with wood stoves that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes it possible to improve air quality. The EPA’s strict clean air standards have led to technology in wood stoves that burns far hotter and cleaner than older versions did. Modern stoves give off very little smoke and produce low emissions. Top-of-the-line efficiency wood stoves are approved for use in smoke-free zones.
Lower Energy Costs
Because power companies are fueled almost exclusively by fossil fuels, the cost of electricity rises annually. Firewood, on the other hand, is a plentiful and affordable fuel. Because of the smart design of modern wood stoves, they are effective heating options. The wood burns longer and hotter in contemporary wood stoves, and more heat is provided in the home. A great option is to keep the thermostat of your central heating system on a low setting and then heat large areas with a wood stove.
Useful in Blackouts
Winter storms often result in power outages. Backup generators can help, but a wood stove can keep you warm and provide a way to heat meals when there is no electricity.
For households on a strict budget, discount wood stoves are available. You may, however, sacrifice efficiency and durability with a less expensive purchase because there are more beneficial features even in the mid-price range.
Wood stoves truly are a decorative trend that is growing strong. Check out the many beautiful styles we offer.