Update Your Old Fireplace with Gas Logs

Do you have an old fireplace you don’t want to use anymore? Traditional masonry fireplaces are very inefficient and don’t provide a meaningful source of heat on cold, wintry days. Because they don’t achieve good combustion, fires in old fireplaces emit a lot of particulate matter and other pollutants. You could make good use of the fireplace with gas logs. By making a switch to some types of gas logs, you increase heating efficiency, which will help cut utility costs in winter. Gas logs are far more convenient than burning wood, and a gas fireplace is an environmentally friendly option.

What are Gas Logs?

Gas log sets are fueled by either natural gas or propane gas, and they are designed to resemble a genuine wood fire. Today’s artificial logs are painstakingly made to look realistic. They are made with fired ceramic clay, molded refractory cement, or molded ceramic fibers.

Faux logs have such details as branches, axe marks, knotholes, and natural bark patterns. You can choose a ceramic log set that looks like birch, driftwood, oak, walnut, or other tree species. Between the artificial logs and the yellow flames on vented gas logs, the ambiance created by your gas logs may seem like a genuine wood fire.

Converting a Fireplace for Vented Gas Logs

Converting a traditional masonry fireplace for installation of gas logs is usually easy. Exceptions include:

·      If the chimney is damaged and doesn’t vent properly; and

·      If there are complications with running a gas line to the fireplace.

Switching to gas logs is more expensive, if there is not already a gas line in the home.

Options for Converting to Gas Logs

There are two options for converting to gas logs in your fireplace:

Gas Insert

A gas fireplace insert dramatically improves fireplace efficiency. Heat from hearth fires no longer escapes up the chimney. Instead, warmth is propelled into the room. A gas insert provides a significant amount of heat, and getting it started involves the adjustment of a thermostat or the flip of a switch. Your cozy fireside experience does not need to involve wood-hauling, a smoky fireplace, or cleanup of messy ashes.

Vented Gas Logs

Very little modification to your existing fireplace is typically needed when you add vented gas logs. The fireplace damper must be open during use. This gas log option is the most realistic of the three. There is also more flexibility, as far as arrangement of filaments. Not much heat is provided by vented gas logs, however. They provide a more convenient way to enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace but not a more efficient way.

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