Upgrade Your Fireplace – Don’t Replace It

Are you completely satisfied with the operation of your fireplace? If not, you may have been tempted to look into the purchase and installation of a new one. But before you do that, consider some of these upgrades, which can save you money and add to the efficiency and eye-appeal of your current fireplace.
Glass fireplace doors
If you’re getting too much draft in your fireplace, or if it’s not sufficiently heating the room, adding a set of good-looking fireplace doors might be the answer. Glass doors are great for controlling the flow of air and increasing the intensity of the fire. Many styles of fireplace doors are available, allowing you to pick the kind that will look best for your hearth area.
Another step toward more efficient fireplace heating is to have a fireback installed. Firebacks cause heat to be reflected off the rear wall of the fireplace, generating more heat for the room. They also provide additional insulation within the firebox, which is a good safety measure. Talk with an expert at a fireplace and hearth retailer to get more details about firebacks.
Damper replacement
The dampers on fireplaces should form a tight seal and be able to open and close smoothly. Often when fireplaces don’t operate as they should, the problem is with a broken or worn-out damper, so replacing it could be all that you need to make your fireplace work the way you want it to. With a properly working damper, it’s easy to control the draft that flows through the fireplace and chimney.
Fireplace grates
The purpose of grates in fireplaces is to help wood burn better and more completely. There are numerous grate designs to choose from. The governing principle behind all styles of grates is air – which is a critical element in getting fires started and keeping them burning. Some grates are designed to assist in the projection of heat from the fireplace into the room. Shop the different varieties and find one that best suits your needs.
Heat exchangers
In homes where it’s important that a high amount of heat be brought into a single room or several nearby rooms, a heat exchanger is a good choice. These units install in an existing fireplace and blow warm air into the surrounding area. Before installing a heat exchanger, have your fireplace and chimney inspected to make sure they can support very high temperatures.
Finally, if you have a traditional open fireplace that’s not doing a great job of heating the home, consider a well-made fireplace insert. These units create a much hotter burning environment without all the air-flow issues common with masonry fireplaces. Many owners of these types of fireplaces experience a “night-and-day” difference after an insert has been installed.
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