Valor Gas Fireplaces / Gas Fireplace Inserts

Valor Gas FireplacesIn 1977, two brothers in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Garry and Martin Miles, saw the opportunity for natural gas fireplaces to become an alternative heating source for families across North America. They were conscious of the rising problem of pollution and believed that natural gas was the solution because it is the purest fossil fuel with the lowest level of particulates and greenhouse gases. They reached out to Valor which was the leading manufacturer of gas fireplaces in the United Kingdom at that time. Valor, who had been established since 1890, partnered with the Miles brothers to bring their fireplaces to North America.
More than 35 years later, the partnership that the Miles brothers initiated has transformed Valor. The Miles brothers’ environmental consciousness and innovation have been wed with Valor’s superb quality and exquisite design. It was due to the Miles’ innovation that the first “power vented” gas fireplace (the precursor for zero-clearance fireplaces) was created in 1986. The “power vented” gas fireplace was unique because it could be installed nearly anywhere in the home. That same year, Valor sold the first direct vent gas fireplace in Canada. Today, Valor is the leading manufacturer of gas fireplaces in Northern America. They continue to be recognized as a leader in gas fireplace innovation and efficiency across Europe and North America.
For homeowners, what distinguishes Valor gas fireplaces and inserts from other brands are three unique advantages:
1. Radiant Heat & Convection Distribution
Valor’s singular flame burning technology maximizes the radiant energy produced by their fireplaces. This energy converts to heat when it comes in contact with people and objects. It provides more comfortable warmth than a forced air heater while also using up to 25% less energy. Valor’s heat exchangers naturally circulate this warmth by convection without the distracting buzz of a fan. This combination of comfortable radiant heat and noiseless convection distribution makes Valor fireplaces and inserts luxurious heating appliances.
2. Green Initiatives
Valor’s commitment to creating environmentally smart appliances has led them to have many green features including the SmartPilot System that automatically turns the pilot light off after 5 days and the ValorStat Remote Control System that shuts off the fireplaces after 6 hours without interaction to reduce the use of fossil fuels. These innovative, green features are the reason that Valor fireplaces boast impressive Enerchoice and Energuide ratings.
Best Valor Gas Fireplace3. No Electricity Needed
Even when the power is out, a valor fireplace or insert will heat your home. They do not require a fan or a power supply. They can function fully without electricity.
These advantages in efficiency and convenience are integrated with aesthetically crafted designs. The L2 & L1 Linear Series fireplaces have a contemporary design that showcases the flames in a widescreen display. The Ventana Series and Portrait Series are exceptionally crafted fireplaces that can be customized to suite your taste whether you prefer simplistic or ornate detail. The Legend G4 and Legend G3 are Valor’s luxury inserts that can update the look of an outdated fireplace or complement a traditional style.
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